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New Symantec Protection Center Mobile, Security Dashboard For iPad

Symantec Protection Center Mobile leverages Symantec Protection Center Enterprise platform
They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and the necessity to defend large organizations against new IT security threats has spawned a staggering array of security tools. The sheer amount of data being generated by these tools is creating a "big data" problem for enterprise security teams.

In a recent survey by the Enterprise Strategy Group, 86% of enterprises indicated that they were collecting more data than they did two years ago, with half of those collecting "substantially" more. In such an environment, critical security issues and the key actions required to address them are often hidden in plain sight. CISOs and enterprise security teams are increasingly looking for ways to sift through this data to quickly identify the key risks to their business and drive the appropriate actions to address those risks.

This week at Symantec Vision 2012 in Barcelona, Symantec announced important additions to its security management portfolio to help enterprise security teams tame this emerging "big data" problem:

Symantec Protection Center Enterprise is the foundation of this new solution, providing a powerful new data collection and analytics platform with roles-based views and workflows for the different members of the enterprise security team.

Symantec Protection Center Mobile leverages this platform and is an exciting new executive security dashboard for the Apple iPad, which was designed to track key security metrics and help IT security executives communicate security status in business terms, anytime and anywhere, ultimately driving better security decisions.

Both are expected to be generally available in December 2012.

Greg Day, EMEA Security CTO for Symantec, is on the ground at Vision Barcelona and had this to say about SPC Mobile:

"Across Europe, one of the hot topics is how security is becoming a board level discussion, which means moving from decades of techno babble to business contextual discussions around risk and impact. Every CISO who I have shown SPC Mobile to has been impressed as it provides a practical tool to enable this dialog. It's an exciting evolution from today's tools aimed at practitioners who care about a narrow technical view to a high level dashboard providing a business-centric view of risk"

To learn more about Symantec Protection Center – and to view a demo video of SPC Mobile – please visit:

Key Features

SPC Mobile provides high level views to IT security executives that enable them to gain oversight of the security program and communicate IT security status in business terms.

Business Risk View provides a high level heat map of the organization with risk scores for key business groups and processes.

Security Metrics View is based on a library of pre-defined security metrics categories available for a range of commonly deployed security solutions.

Threats View pinpoints the threats that could impact your organization, correlating the latest Symantec DeepSight Threat Intelligence with real-time vulnerability data.

Incidents View displays real-time information about the key security incidents impacting your organization along with the affected business assets.

SPC Enterprise is a flexible and scalable platform for data collection and analytics, and includes the following key elements:

Business Asset System that allows you to map devices and technologies to business groups and processes, creating a business-centric view of IT risk.

Data Aggregation and Analytics Engine that allows you to collect, normalize and analyze data from a range of Symantec and 3rd party security solutions.

Role-Specific Dashboards and Reports that are accessible via a web portal, provide a common presentation layer for this platform.

Workflow Manager allows you to create and track the action plans to drive remediation activities across your organization.

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