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Countering Voice Fraud in the Age of AI

Caller ID spoofing and AI voice deepfakes are supercharging phone scams. Fortunately, we have tools that help organizations and people protect themselves against the devious combination.

How Boards Can Prepare for Quantum Computers

Quantum computing on the level that poses a threat to current cybersecurity measures is still years off. Here's what enterprises can do now to avoid future disruptions.

Ambitious Training Initiative Taps Talents of Blind and Visually Impaired

Novacoast's Apex Program prepares individuals with visual impairments for cybersecurity careers.

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Open Source Tool Looks for Signals in Noisy AWS Cloud Logs

Permiso Security announced Cloud Console Cartographer during Black Hat Asia to help defenders look inside Amazon Web Services events logs for signs of cyberattacks.

Enterprise Endpoints Aren't Ready for AI

Recent analysis shows that enterprises need to think about the impact on security budgets and resources as they adopt new AI-based applications.

The Race for AI-Powered Security Platforms Heats Up

Microsoft, Google, and Simbian each offers generative AI systems that allow security operations teams to use natural language to automate cybersecurity tasks.

Nigeria & Romania Ranked Among Top Cybercrime Havens

A survey of cybercrime experts assessing the top cybercrime-producing nations results in some expected leaders — Russia, Ukraine, and China — but also some surprises.

Israeli Defense Forces Hold Hybrid Cyber & Military Readiness Drills

Israel prepares for a response to Iran's April 14 drone and missile attack.

Cyber Operations Intensify in Middle East, With Israel the Main Target

Cyberattacks tripled over the past year in Israel, making it the most targeted nation in 2023, as cyber operations become a standard part of military conflicts and global protests.

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