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Library Cyber Defenses Are Falling Down

Librarians are being asked to defend themselves online against sophisticated and complex attacks. It's an unequal fight.

Enterprises Worry End Users Will Be the Cause of Next Major Breach

Respondents to Dark Reading's Strategic Security Survey believe the primary cause of their organizations' next major data breach will involve social engineering, negligent users, and insecure remote workers.

10 Security Metrics Categories CISOs Should Present to the Board

Boards of directors don't care about a security program's minute technical details. They want to see how key performance indicators are tracked and used.

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AI-Generated Patches Could Ease Developer, Operations Workload

Using information from a common technique for finding vulnerabilities, Google's Gemini LLM can produce patches for 15% of such bugs. And it's not the only way to help automate bug fixing.

What Using Security to Regulate AI Chips Could Look Like

An exploratory research proposal is recommending regulation of AI chips and stronger governance measures to keep up with the rapid technical innovations in artificial intelligence.

CISA HBOM Framework Doesn't Go Far Enough

CISA's recently introduced framework for hardware bill of materials is an important step in addressing semiconductor risks. But further tracking beyond manufacturing is critical to its usefulness.

El Al Flight Crew Suffers Midflight Communication Disruption

Though the incident took place over a known Houthi area, some say this incident was at the hands of a Somali group, based on frequent communication disruptions in the country.

Iranian APTs Dress Up as Hacktivists for Disruption, Influence Ops

Iran has taken a page from the Russian playbook: Passing off military groups as civilians for the sake of PR and plausible deniability.

Google's Cloud Run Service Spreads Several Bank Trojans

A surging bank malware campaign abuses Google Cloud Run and targets Latin America, with indications that it's hitting other regions as well, researchers warn.

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