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9 Tips to Avoid Burnout in Cybersecurity

When security professionals are at the end of their rope — feeling both mentally and physically exhausted — it's often because of burnout. Here are ways to combat it.

Making the Case for 'Reasonable' Cybersecurity

Reasonable cybersecurity is highly subjective. Organizations need to plan carefully in order to quantify cyber-risk and apply security controls.

Microsoft's 'Recall' Feature Draws Criticism From Privacy Advocates

Despite Microsoft's reassurances, multiple security researchers describe the technology as problematic for users and their organizations.

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CyberArk Goes All In on Machine Identity With Venafi Deal

CyberArk's $1.54 billion agreement to buy Venafi is a sign of how human and machine identities will converge with certificate life cycle management.

Snowflake's Anvilogic Investment Signals Changes in SIEM Market

Coming on the heels of Cisco buying Splunk, Palo Alto Networks acquiring IBM's QRadar, and LogRhythm merging with Exabeam, Snowflake's investment highlights the ongoing market pressure to improve SOC tools.

SAGE Cyber Launches CISO Planning Tool

As a newly independent company, SAGE Cyber will offer a platform that helps CISOs make data-driven decisions and optimize their security defenses.

Microsoft: 'Moonstone Sleet' APT Melds Espionage, Financial Goals

North Korea's newest threat actor uses every trick in the nation-state APT playbook, and most of cybercrime's tricks, too. It also developed a whole video game company to hide malware.

Pakistani 'Transparent Tribe' APT Aims for Cross-Platform Impact

Targeting India's government, defense, and aerospace sectors, the cyber-threat group now attacks Linux as well as Windows in its quest to compromise the Indian military's homegrown MayaOS Linux systems.

6 Facts About How Interpol Fights Cybercrime

So you think you know Interpol? Here are some key details of how this international law enforcement entity disrupts cybercrime worldwide.

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