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Top 5 Most Dangerous Cyber Threats in 2024

SANS Institute experts weigh in on the top threat vectors faced by enterprises and the public at large.

Heartbleed: When Is It Good to Name a Vulnerability?

Ten years have passed since Heartbleed was first identified, but the security industry is still grappling with the question of branded vulnerabilities and naming vulnerabilities appropriately.

CISO as a CTO: When and Why It Makes Sense

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing that a CISO's skills and experience building risk-based cyber programs translate well to other C-suite positions.

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10 Ways a Digital Shield Protects Apps and APIs

Layers of protection can bring defense-in-depth practices to distributed clouds and other modern network architectures.

Addressing the Cybersecurity Vendor Ecosystem Disconnect

How security teams can bridge the gap between short-term profits and long-term business needs.

Google's AI Watermarks Will Identify Deepfakes

The SynthID line of watermarking techniques can be used to identify images, video, and text generated by artificial intelligence.

400K Linux Servers Recruited by Resurrected Ebury Botnet

Cryptocurrency theft and financial fraud are the new M.O. of the 15-year-old malware operation that has hit organizations around the globe.

Nigeria Halts Cybersecurity Tax After Public Outrage

In the midst of an economy struggling with soaring inflation, the Nigerian government paused plans to place a levy on domestic transactions that was aimed at enhancing cybersecurity.

Singapore Cybersecurity Update Puts Cloud Providers on Notice

The nation amends its Cybersecurity Act, giving its primary cybersecurity agency more power to regulate critical infrastructure and third parties, and requiring cyber incidents be reported.

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