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Redesigning the Network to Fend Off Living-Off-the-Land Tactics

The growing threat of living-off-the-land tactics requires a rethink of network traffic visibility to prevent these types of attacks.

Privacy Beats Ransomware as Top Insurance Concern

Despite ransomware losses remaining high, privacy violations have quickly risen to second in a list of expected cyber insurance claims costs.

Library Cyber Defenses Are Falling Down

Librarians are being asked to defend themselves online against sophisticated and complex attacks. It's an unequal fight.

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Apple Beefs Up iMessage With Quantum-Resistant Encryption

The revamped iMessage app uses Apple's new PQ3 post-quantum cryptographic protocol, which its engineers say will make it the most secure messaging app — but Signal's president begs to differ.

Insurers Use Claims Data to Recommend Cybersecurity Technologies

Policy holders using certain technologies — such as managed detection and response (MDR) services, Google Workspace, and email security gateways — gain premium discounts from cyber insurers.

AI-Generated Patches Could Ease Developer, Operations Workload

Using information from a common technique for finding vulnerabilities, Google's Gemini LLM can produce patches for 15% of such bugs. And it's not the only way to help automate bug fixing.

Malawi Immigration Dept. Halts Passport Services Amid Cyberattack

President of Malawi vows not to pay ransom to "appease criminals."

Alarm Over GenAI Risk Fuels Security Spending in Middle East & Africa

Organizations boost cybersecurity budgets to tackle data-privacy and cloud-security threats amid speedy adoption of generative AI.

iSoon's Secret APT Status Exposes China's Foreign Hacking Machinations

Chinese government agencies are paying an APT, masked as a legitimate company, to spy on foreign and domestic targets of political interest.

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