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Outsourcing Security Without Increasing Risk

Few enterprises have all the cybersecurity skills and resources they need in-house, making outsourcing a necessity. How do they select, and work with, third-party security service providers?

Transforming CISOs Into Storytellers

Faced with chilling new SEC rules, chief information security officers are learning soft skills to help them better communicate cybersecurity concerns with the C-suite.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Cyber Threats in 2024

SANS Institute experts weigh in on the top threat vectors faced by enterprises and the public at large.

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Picking the Right Database Tech for Cybersecurity Defense

Graph and streaming databases are helping defenders deal with complex, real-time threat and cybersecurity data to find weak points before attackers.

OpenSSF Siren to Share Threat Intelligence for Open Source Software

The Siren email mailing list will focus on operational impact and response, acting as a central location to provide information about threats and necessary post-disclosure activities.

CISOs Grapple With IBM's Unexpected Cybersecurity Software Exit

IBM's abrupt divestiture of QRadar SaaS underscores the consolidation of SIEM, XDR, and AI technologies into unified platforms.

Chinese 'ORB' Networks Conceal APTs, Render Static IoCs Irrelevant

Mandiant warns that defenders must rethink how to thwart Chinese cyber-espionage groups now using professional "infrastructure-as-a-service" operational relay box networks of virtual private servers as well as hijacked smart devices and routers.

Iran APTs Tag Team Espionage, Wiper Attacks Against Israel & Albania

Scarred Manticore is the smart, sophisticated one. But when Iran needs something destroyed, it hands the keys over to Void Manticore.

DoJ Shakes Up North Korea's Widespread IT Freelance Scam Operation

Fraudsters based in the US and Europe indicted for helping North Korea's nation-state groups establish fake freelancer identities and evade sanctions.

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