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Dark Reading Confidential: Meet the Ransomware Negotiators

Episode 2: Incident response experts-turned-ransomware negotiators Ed Dubrovsky, COO and managing partner of CYPFER, and Joe Tarraf, chief delivery officer of Surefire Cyber, explain how they interact with cyber threat actors who hold victim organizations' systems and data for ransom. Among their fascinating stories: how they negotiated with cybercriminals to restore operations in a hospital NICU where lives were at stake, and how they helped a church, where the attackers themselves "got a little religion."

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Training at Black Hat to Focus on Equipping Cybersecurity Leaders With Soft Skills

A two-day presentation will examine the social-behavioral aspects of cybersecurity leadership to drive team success.

Defending OT Requires Agility, Proactive Controls

As attackers set their sights on infrastructure, security teams need to reduce risk levels without compromising operational agility.

How Manufacturers Can Secure Themselves Against Cyber Threats

Good risk management is necessary to protect customers, ensure operational continuity, safeguard intellectual property, and maintain fiscal responsibility.

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AI Consortium Plans Toolkit to Rate AI Model Safety

An AI consortium consisting of top tech companies will release a toolkit later this year for measuring the safety of generative AI models.

Cytactic Focuses on Stakeholder Communication to Boost Incident Response

The new cybersecurity startup is focused on helping companies prepare and respond to a "cyber crisis" by consolidating the three Rs: readiness, response, and recovery.

Unprecedented: Cloud Giants, Feds Team on Unified Security Intelligence

The Cloud Safe Task Force aims to unite the US government and cloud service providers, like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, to provide a "National Cyber Feed": a continuous threat-monitoring tool for federal agencies.

IDF Has Rebuffed 3B Cyberattacks Since Oct. 7, Colonel Claims

Israel's military computer systems have been under constant barrage in recent months.

Shadowroot Ransomware Lures Turkish Victims via Phishing Attacks

The ransomware is rudimentary with basic functionalities, likely having been created by an inexperienced developer — but it's effective at locking up files and sucking up memory capacity.

Singapore Banks Ditch One-Time Passwords

Retail banks in the nation-state will eliminate the use of one-time passwords (OTPs) by bank customers in an effort to thwart phishing.

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