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Ambitious Training Initiative Taps Talents of Blind and Visually Impaired

Novacoast's Apex Program prepares individuals with visual impairments for cybersecurity careers.

Proper DDoS Protection Requires Both Detective and Preventive Controls

Distributed denial-of-service attacks still plague the enterprise, but adding preventive measures can reduce their impact.

Tips for Securing the Software Supply Chain

Industry experts share how to implement comprehensive security strategies necessary to secure the software supply chain in Dark Reading's latest Tech Insights report.

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The Race for AI-Powered Security Platforms Heats Up

Microsoft, Google, and Simbian each offers generative AI systems that allow security operations teams to use natural language to automate cybersecurity tasks.

Knostic Brings Access Control to LLMs

Led by industry veterans Gadi Evron and Sounil Yu, the new company lets organizations adjust how much information LLMs provide based on the user's role and responsibilities.

Selecting the Right Authentication Protocol for Your Business

Prioritizing security and user experience will help you build a robust and reliable authentication system for your business.

Zambia Busts 77 People in China-Backed Cybercrime Operation

Phony call center company conducted online fraud and other Internet scams.

Japan, Philippines & US Forge Cyber Threat Intel-Sharing Alliance

Following the Volt Typhoon attacks on critical infrastructure in the region by China, the US reportedly will share cybersecurity threat information with both countries.

Attack on Consumer Electronics Manufacturer boAt Leaks Data on 7.5M Customers

In a cyberattack more reminiscent of the 2010s, a seemingly lone hacker fleeced a major corporation for millions of open customer records.

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