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Jeffrey Wells

Visiting Fellow, National Security Institute at George Mason University's Antonin Scalia Law School

Steve Weber

Professor of the Graduate School, UC Berkeley School of Information

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Legal Defense Fund Covers Crypto Research

The nonprofit Security Alliance is providing funds to protect security researchers who illegally access crypto assets with the aim of improving security.

Consumer Privacy Bill Fails in Vermont

Had the bill become a law, it would have given consumers the right to sue companies that violate their privacy.

How Cybersecurity Can Steer Organizations Toward Sustainability

By integrating environmental initiatives, social responsibility, and governance into their strategies, security helps advance ESG goals.

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What Building Application Security Into Shadow IT Looks Like

AppSec is hard for traditional software development, let alone citizen developers. So how did two people resolve 70,000 vulnerabilities in three months?

Multifactor Authentication Is Not Enough to Protect Cloud Data

Ticketmaster, Santander Bank, and other large firms have suffered data leaks from a large cloud-based service, underscoring that companies need to pay attention to authentication.

CHERI Alliance Aims to Secure Hardware Memory

The consortium of private companies and academia will focus on ways to protect hardware memory from attacks.

China-Linked Cyber-Espionage Teams Target Asian Telecoms

In the latest breaches, threat groups compromised telecommunications firms in at least two Asian nations, installing backdoors and possibly eavesdropping or pre-positioning for a future attack.

30M Potentially Affected in Tickettek Australia Cloud Breach

In an incident with direct parallels to the recent Ticketmaster compromise, an Aussie live events giant says it was breached via a third-party cloud provider, as ShinyHunters takes credit.

Singapore Extradites Suspected Cybercrime Scammers from Malaysia

Cops decimate cybercrime infrastructure used to steal data from nearly 2,000 people in Singapore last year.

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