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Consumer Privacy Bill Fails in Vermont

Had the bill become a law, it would have given consumers the right to sue companies that violate their privacy.

How Cybersecurity Can Steer Organizations Toward Sustainability

By integrating environmental initiatives, social responsibility, and governance into their strategies, security helps advance ESG goals.

Some Skills Should Not Be Ceded to AI

AI tools keep trying to take away all the fun jobs. Here are just a few reasons why cybersecurity folks (and others) should skip the writing cheats.

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CHERI Alliance Aims to Secure Hardware Memory

The consortium of private companies and academia will focus on ways to protect hardware memory from attacks. Tackles Data Governance

The company has emerged from stealth with an AI-powered platform designed to give organizations visibility into unmanaged data.

Apple's AI Offering Makes Big Privacy Promises

Apple's guarantee of privacy on every AI transaction could influence trustworthy AI deployments.

Singapore Extradites Suspected Cybercrime Scammers from Malaysia

Cops decimate cybercrime infrastructure used to steal data from nearly 2,000 people in Singapore last year.

Bug Bounty Programs, Hacking Contests Power China's Cyber Offense

With the requirement that all vulnerabilities first get reported to the Chinese government, once-private vulnerability research has become a goldmine for China's offensive cybersecurity programs.

Hamas Hackers Sling Stealthy Spyware Across Egypt, Palestine

The Arid Viper APT group is deploying AridSpy malware with Trojanized messaging applications and second-stage data exfiltration.

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