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Seizing Control of the Cloud Security Cockpit

Much like an airplane's dashboard, configurations are the way we control cloud applications and SaaS tools. It's also the entry point for too many security threats. Here are some ideas for making the configuration process more secure.

Persistent Burnout Is Still a Crisis in Cybersecurity

Burnout has been an oft-reported problem among security professionals for years. Are there any new ideas for supporting mental health in the industry?

Outsourcing Security Without Increasing Risk

Few enterprises have all the cybersecurity skills and resources they need in-house, making outsourcing a necessity. How do they select, and work with, third-party security service providers?

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CyberArk Goes All In on Machine Identity With Venafi Deal

CyberArk's $1.54 billion agreement to buy Venafi is a sign of how human and machine identities will converge with certificate life cycle management.

Snowflake's Anvilogic Investment Signals Changes in SIEM Market

Coming on the heels of Cisco buying Splunk, Palo Alto Networks acquiring IBM's QRadar, and LogRhythm merging with Exabeam, Snowflake's investment highlights the ongoing market pressure to improve SOC tools.

SAGE Cyber Launches CISO Planning Tool

As a newly independent company, SAGE Cyber will offer a platform that helps CISOs make data-driven decisions and optimize their security defenses.

China APT Stole Geopolitical Secrets From Middle East, Africa & Asia

One of China's biggest espionage operations owes its success to longstanding Microsoft Exchange bugs, open source tools, and old malware.

Chinese 'ORB' Networks Conceal APTs, Render Static IoCs Irrelevant

Mandiant warns that defenders must rethink how to thwart Chinese cyber-espionage groups now using professional "infrastructure-as-a-service" operational relay box networks of virtual private servers as well as hijacked smart devices and routers.

Iran APTs Tag Team Espionage, Wiper Attacks Against Israel & Albania

Scarred Manticore is the smart, sophisticated one. But when Iran needs something destroyed, it hands the keys over to Void Manticore.

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