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4 Ways to Help a Security Culture Thrive

Creating and nurturing a corporate environment of proactive cybersecurity means putting people first — their needs, weaknesses, and skills.

Asset Management Holds the Key to Enterprise Defense

Obtaining — and maintaining — a complete inventory of technology assets is essential to effective enterprise security. How do organizations get that inventory?

Process to Verify Software Was Built Securely Begins Today

The US government launched a self-attestation form asking software developers to affirm their software was developed securely. Compliance starts today for software used in critical infrastructure.

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Apple's AI Offering Makes Big Privacy Promises

Apple's guarantee of privacy on every AI transaction could influence trustworthy AI deployments.

Nvidia Patches High-Severity Flaws in GPU Drivers

Nvidia's latest GPUs are a hot commodity for AI, but security vulnerabilities could expose them to attacks from hackers.

Fortinet Plans to Acquire Lacework

Lacework has been looking for a buyer for some time. The deal gives Fortinet a boost in the cloud security space.

AI Chatbot Fools Scammers & Scores Money-Laundering Intel

Experiment demonstrates how AI can turn the tables on cybercriminals, capturing bank account details of how scammers move stolen funds around the world.

Pakistani Hacking Team 'Celestial Force' Spies on Indian Gov't, Defense

Against a backdrop of political conflict, a years-long cyber-espionage campaign in South Asia is coming to light.

Forced-Labor Camps Fuel Billions of Dollars in Cyber Scams

Greater collaboration between financial and law enforcement officials is needed to dismantle cybercrime scam centers in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, which rake in tens of billions of dollars annually — and affect victims worldwide.

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