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Dark Reading Confidential: Meet the Ransomware Negotiators

Episode 2: Incident response experts-turned-ransomware negotiators Ed Dubrovsky, COO and managing partner of CYPFER, and Joe Tarraf, chief delivery officer of Surefire Cyber, explain how they interact with cyber threat actors who hold victim organizations' systems and data for ransom. Among their fascinating stories: how they negotiated with cybercriminals to restore operations in a hospital NICU where lives were at stake, and how they helped a church, where the attackers themselves "got a little religion."

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Linx Security Launches With Identity Management Platform

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Tech Giants Agree to Standardize AI Security

The Coalition for Secure AI is a consortium of influential AI companies aiming to develop tools to secure AI applications and set up an ecosystem for sharing best practices.

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China's 'Evasive Panda' APT Spies on Taiwan Targets Across Platforms

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Under-Resourced Maintainers Pose Risk to Africa's Open Source Push

Many nations see open source software as a great equalizer, giving the Global South the tools necessary for sustainable development. But recent supply chain attacks highlight the need for security.

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