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Process to Verify Software Was Built Securely Begins Today

The US government launched a self-attestation form asking software developers to affirm their software was developed securely. Compliance starts today for software used in critical infrastructure.

Making Choices for Stronger Vulnerability Management

The threat environment will continue to grow in complexity. Now is the time for organizations to streamline how they manage and mitigate overlooked vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity Job Hunting May Come Down to Certifications

If current cybersecurity workers only fill 85% of the need in the US, why are so many people still looking for positions? The data from the private-public NIST partnership CyberSeek offers some insight.

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Fortinet Plans to Acquire Lacework

Lacework has been looking for a buyer for some time. The deal gives Fortinet a boost in the cloud security space.

Tokenization Moves Beyond Payments to Personal Privacy

Pseudonymous masking has made credit card transactions more secure, but Visa has even greater plans for tokenization: giving users control of their data.

Inside Baseball: The Red Sox Cloud Security Game

Inside the baseball team's strategy for building next-gen security operations through zero trust and initiatives aiming to safeguard team data, fan info, and the iconic Fenway Park — which, by the way, is now a smart stadium.

Forced-Labor Camps Fuel Billions of Dollars in Cyber Scams

Greater collaboration between financial and law enforcement officials is needed to dismantle cybercrime scam centers in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, which rake in tens of billions of dollars annually — and affect victims worldwide.

Governments, Businesses Tighten Cybersecurity Around Hajj Season

While cyberattacks drop slightly during the week of the Islamic pilgrimage, organizations in Saudi Arabia and other countries with large Muslim populations see attacks on the rise.

Chinese Threat Clusters Triple-Team High-Profile Asia Government Org

"Operation Crimson Palace" performed specialized tasks in a broader cyberattack chain, likely under the watch of a single organization.

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