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10 Holiday Gifts For Stressed-Out Security Pros

Office giving-friendly fidgets, stress balls, brain teasers, and more that are perfect to calm the most harried cybersecurity professionals.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Security Awareness Training

Stay away from using these tactics when trying to educate employees about risk.

AI Helps Uncover Russian State-Sponsored Disinformation in Hungary

Researchers used machine learning to analyze Hungarian media reports and found Russian narratives soured the nation's perspective on EU sanctions and arms deliveries months before the Ukraine invasion.

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Generative AI Takes on SIEM

IBM joins CrowdStrike and Microsoft in releasing AI models to cloud-native SIEM platforms.

GenAI Requires New, Intelligent Defenses

Understanding the risks of generative AI and the specific defenses to build to mitigate those risks is vital for effective business and public use of GenAI.

Actions to Take to Defeat Initial Access Brokers

Initial access brokers (IABs) are often difficult to track. This Tech Tip spells out some countermeasures enterprises need to defend against stolen credentials.

Deluge of Nearly 300 Fake Apps Floods Iranian Banking Sector

No Iranian bank customers are safe from financially motivated cybercriminals wielding convincing but fake mobile apps.

How a Teenage Saudi Hacker Went From Lockpicking to Ransomware

Black Hat speaker and 13-year-old ethical hacker Marco Liberale talks about his interest in cybersecurity, and what opportunities he has in Saudi Arabia.

Why Ransomware Could Surge in the Middle East & Africa

Organizations from the Middle East and Africa have typically escaped public ransoms, but that's changing amid heightened geopolitical conflicts and digitalization initiatives.

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