Omdia Market Landscape: The Products and Players Driving the Fast-Growing Market for Cyber Insurance

Insurance has become an accepted component of enterprise risk management, and insurers have become more active partners in managing cyber risks. Here, Omdia examines the drivers of the fast-growing cyber insurance market.

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Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk signals a “gut-check” moment for the NG-SIEM market

The marriage of convenience comes with a fascinating set of potential synergies, but one key rival’s growing market presence looms large over not only this deal, but also all of SecOps.

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On the Radar: Fletch democratizes contextual threat intelligence

Fletch is a provider of contextual threat intelligence (CTI), which is the addition of contextual information to basic threat data with the idea of making it more useful.

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Gigamon taps eBPF to inspect encrypted traffic with Precryption technology

Gigamon intends for its new network traffic decryption alternative to address pain points caused by encrypted cloud traffic, particularly east-west traffic within hybrid environments.

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