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UPDATED: Coming to you prerecorded from in front of carefully arranged bookcases around the world ...!

Sara Peters, Senior Editor

August 6, 2020

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UPDATED Aug. 6, 2020 -- Usually, the Dark Reading News Desk comes to you each year "live from sunny Las Vegas at the lovely Mandalay Bay hotel" with a lineup of live video interviews with the greatest researchers about what they're presenting at Black Hat USA. This year, the situation is a little different.

For 2020, Black Hat USA has transformed into Black Hat Virtual, moving out of Vegas and onto the Internet. And when the action kicks off, the Dark Reading News Desk team will be there. (The desk won't.)

Interviews will begin going live at Black Hat Virtual and on DarkReading.com Wednesday, Aug. 5, at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT. Black Hat Virtual attendees will be able to find interviews by visiting the conference's "Dark Reading News Desk" tab. Everyone else -- keep your eyes on Dark Reading. We'll update this page with new links as videos become available.

Here's the programming schedule:

DAY 1: Wednesday, August 5

WATCH NOW -- Attack of the Clone: Tamaghna Basu tells us how he created an AI bot to mimic him, how it could be used in social engineering attacks, and what the experience taught him about the value of true human connections.

WATCH NOW -- Building Cybersecurity Strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evelyn Kilel and Laura Tich of Shehacks Ke discuss how they are working to build cybersecurity strategies that suit the needs and capabilities of developing nations. (For further reading, see Kelly Sheridan's piece on Dark Reading.)

WATCH NOW -- Russian Election Interference: What's Next?: Nate Beach-Westmoreland takes a look back at the past 10 years of Russian election interference and disinformation campaigns. What can we learn from the past, and what should we expect as the 2020 US presidential election approaches?

WATCH NOW -- (Sponsored) Voatz Delivers Multi-Layered Security to Protect Electronic VotingWhile electronic voting has been plagued by fears of tampering or fraud, Voatz is looking to make the process more transparent and auditable, according to company founder Nimit Sawhney. He offers learning points from three recent pilots that highlight how governments can improve the integrity and better protect the voting process and its data. (For further reading, download this whitepaper, State-of-the-Art Security Performs First-Rate Threat Mitigation in Convention Elections.)


WATCH NOW -- (Sponsored) Synopsys: Why Security-Minded Companies Are Transitioning to DevSecOpsFor too long, developers have had to weigh the tradeoffs between software security and feature development. But as DevSecOps continues to gain momentum over application security, organizations realize that adopting security in software development needn't be a drag on productivity, says Tim Mackey from the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center.

WATCH NOW -- Pen Testers Who Got Busted for Doing Their Jobs Tell AllCoalfire's Gary De Mercurio and Justin Wynn share the inside story of their infamous arrest last year while conducting a contracted red team engagement in an Iowa courthouse -- and what it took to clear their names.

WATCH NOW -- (Sponsored) SynerComm Reboots a Security Staple with 'Continuous' Pen TestingPenetration testing has evolved well beyond a couple guys you hire to try and break into your network, according to SynerComm's Brian Judd. In addition to a service that offers round-the-clock pen testing, SynerComm also provides purple team testing, effectively splitting the difference with red- and blue-team exercises.


DAY 2: Thursday, August 6

WATCH NOW -- A Real-World Tool for Organizing, Integrating Your Other Tools: Omdia Cybersecurity Accelerator analyst Eric Parizo describes the value overwhelmed security managers may find in a security product integration framework (SPIF).

WATCH NOW  -- Counting for Good: Hardware Counters Un-mask Malware: Nick Gregory, research scientist at Capsule8, talks about his session with Capsule8 data scientist Harini Kannan, "Uncommon Sense: Detecting Exploits With Novel Hardware Performance Counters and Machine Learning Magic."

WATCH NOW -- (Sponsored) Platform Security: Intel Pushes to Reduce Supply Chain Attacks: Attacks on supply chains involve lots of players and companies, not to mention an exponential amount of data for the stealing, notes Intel's Tom Garrison. Notoriously difficult to detect and mitigate, Garrison discusses new approaches to securing an individual company's computing platforms, including Compute Lifecycle Assurance.


WATCH NOW -- (Sponsored) Broadcom: Staying Safe with WastedLocker Ransomware Variant on the Prowl: Stealthier and more patient than some predecessors, WastedLocker lingers surreptitiously for as long as it needs to for maximum payoff, says Jon DiMaggio with Broadcom's Symantec division. He explains how Windows servers are at a different risk level than their open-source counterparts, and how WastedLocker identifies "valuable" targets.


WATCH NOW -- (Sponsored) OpenText Blends Security, Data Protection for Greater Cyber Resilience: Infosec professionals are taking advantage of technology hybrids to keep users, data, and their networks more safe, according to Hal Lonas of OpenText's Webroot division. And they're also finding new ways to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve security management and reduce risk. 


WATCH NOW --  On ‘Invisible Salamanders’ and Insecure Messages --  Cornell researcher Paul Grubbs discusses how vulnerabilities found in Facebook Messenger encryption could mean trouble for your secure messages. (For more, see Curt Franklin's piece on Dark Reading.)

WATCH NOW -- Where Dark Reading Goes Next: Dark Reading editor-in-chief Tim Wilson gives a complete rundown of all the Dark Reading projects you might not even know about, his insight into the future of the security industry, and how we plan to cover it.

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Register now for this year's fully virtual Black Hat USA, scheduled to take place August 1–6, and get more information about the event on the Black Hat website. Click for details on conference information and to register.

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