WatchGuard Warns of Web 2.0 Threats

Research highlights changing threat landscape and increased risk to the Web 2.0 enabled enterprise

SEATTLE -- WatchGuard Technologies, a leading provider of secure appliances and unified threat management (UTM) solutions, warns that the changing nature and scale of security threats will pose more strenuous challenges for security administrators as they embrace the Web 2.0 world.

Research over the last three years by WatchGuard's Rapid Response team has tracked attack patterns and identified five key threats: DNS system attacks, virus and malware, buggy web applications, hacking for profit, and the end users themselves.

"The increase in the range and sophistication of threats, combined with more complex architectures and the move to Web 2.0, will make the job of securing enterprise networks more difficult than ever before," says Steve Fallin, director of WatchGuard's Rapid Response team. "Other factors putting organizations at more risk include increased levels of remote access, continued poor user behaviour and the shift from hobby hackers to organized crime."

WatchGuard Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: WGRD)