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Chris Crummey

Director, Executive & Board Cyber Services, Sygnia
About Chris Crummey

Chris Crummey is the Director for Executive and Board Cyber Services globally at Sygnia. For the past eight years, Chris has prepared and advised thousands of companies, SOCs, executives and Boards of Directors on cybersecurity best practices before, during and after a cybersecurity crisis. These best practices focus on the intersection of cybersecurity, risk-based decision making, crisis communications, leadership under pressure and the role human beings play in cybersecurity. As a keynote speaker on these topics, Chris is also a cybersecurity faculty member of “Competent Boards,” which is the original and premier creator of online of ESG training programs for board directors and senior business professionals. Prior to this role, Chris was the Executive Director for the IBM’s X-Force Command Centers globally and specialized in tabletop exercises and cyber wargames.

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