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Verizon Business Identifies Top Technology Trends That Will Support Business Expansion As Economy Recovers

List includes enterprise social networks, cloud computing, 360 security
BASKING RIDGE, N.J. " As companies around the globe position themselves for economic recovery, Verizon Business has identified 10 business technology trends that will help companies grow their business in 2010.

"As economic conditions continue to improve, we are ready to help our client partners take advantage of pent-up growth opportunities," said Kerry Bailey, chief marketing officer for Verizon Business. "Whether it's enabling digital medical records, supporting smart grid energy-conservation initiatives, helping retailers secure transactions, or creating new opportunities for global financial trading, our global solutions can provide a solid foundation for business innovation and success in the coming year."

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Here's Verizon Business' list of 10 hot trends that will help move business forward in 2010:

Enterprise Social Networking

Social networks will spread further in the workplace, taking collaboration to a new level. As the lines between professional and personal communications become increasingly blurred, IT leaders will need to incorporate enterprise social networking into their overall unified communications and collaboration strategy. Enterprise-grade versions of Facebook, Twitter and Wikis in the workplace will begin to be as common as e-mail and will change the way business is conducted. As a result, the decision-making process will be accelerated, customers will receive immediate answers, and workers will be more empowered than ever.

Aiming for the 'Clouds'

Cloud computing "whether public or private -- is enabling businesses to move to a new and more efficient IT model. It is allowing enterprises to use computing resources (network, server, storage) on-demand and to serve applications centrally. With security and performance enterprise-ready, the 'cloud' is enabling businesses to be more agile, more productive and more flexible. Businesses also benefit from lower IT, energy and real estate costs through data center virtualization.

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