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Vaultive And Intellect Security Partner to Deliver Data Centric Encryption And Security For Cloud Applications

Partnership to address concerns about email as a service and other applications delivered as a cloud-based service
New York, NY and Henley on Thames, United Kingdom -- March 19th, 2013 –Vaultive, a provider of persistent encryption gateways to retain ownership and control of cloud data, and Intellect Security Ltd, one of the UK's leading specialists in data centric security solutions, have announced a value-add, strategic partnership to address the critical security requirements for cloud data ownership and control. The partnership is aimed at addressing the concerns that risk-conscious organizations face when looking to benefit from email as a service and other applications delivered as a cloud-based service, including implementation of security best practices and meeting cloud data residency, privacy and unauthorized disclosure requirements.

Intellect's approach of investing deeply in partnerships with a small number of strategic vendors translates into a model that combines technical, product and implementation expertise in the area of data security. Tackling the data security challenges of cloud computing through innovative technology partnerships is strongly aligned with the capabilities of Vaultive's enterprise-grade cloud data encryption platform. Relationships with strategic vendors like Vaultive are integral to Intellect's aim to enable the broader adoption of information security to safeguard critical data across businesses both large and small and facilitate broader adoption of cloud-based services.

"The Cloud is presenting both incredible opportunities and unique challenges for organizations in terms of their data management infrastructure and overall IT strategies, not the least of which is the security of data," said Jon Penney, Intellect's CEO. "Together with Vaultive's revolutionary platform that allows organizations to independently control access to their data processed by a third-party, Intellect and Vaultive will enable broader adoption of the Cloud."

Vaultive is designed as a platform for long-term cloud data ownership and control needs, with a near-term focus on Microsoft Office 365. Implemented as part of a broader data security program, Vaultive will allow Intellect's customers to protect cloud data across the entire lifecycle, incorporating data-at-rest, data-in-transit and data-in-use, in a format that can be searched, sorted and indexed. The partnership will enable organizations that have been hesitant to adopt cloud-based services for security, governance or compliance reasons a mechanism to retain independent control of their data stored and processed in a third-party environment. Even as Office 365 customers benefit from Microsoft's ongoing investments in securing, managing and monitoring the Office 365 environment, customers can retain ownership and control of their emails in the cloud through retention of the encryption keys.

"In line with our own goals, Intellect aims to meet the challenges associated with cloud migration and data control head on," said Elad Yoran, CEO of Vaultive. "We look forward to working with Intellect to enable its customers to experience the benefits of our advanced cloud encryption technology."

About Intellect

Intellect is one of the UK's leading specialist suppliers of data centric security solutions. We have an enviable history of delivery to over 2000 customers since 2002, including some of the UK's most well-known organisations. Today's trend towards a more data centric approach to security might be new but our unique focus on encryption led solutions goes right back to 1997 when we worked with the earliest commercial variants of the OpenPGP standard. Since this time we have been partnering with innovative vendors like Vaultive to drive the broader adoption of encryption to safeguard critical data across businesses both large and small. Visit Intellect at

About Vaultive

Vaultive is a provider of persistent encryption gateways to retain ownership and control of cloud data. Vaultive's encryption secures data at rest, data in transit and data in use in a format that can be searched, sorted and indexed -- while the organization's IT department retains control of the encryption keys. This addresses the principal business challenges of migrating data to the cloud including data security, regulatory compliance, unauthorized data disclosure and access, and international privacy/ data residency regulations. Optimized for Microsoft® Office 365, the Vaultive platform supports best practices for the control and ownership of corporate data in the cloud as outlined by the Cloud Security Alliance. Vaultive has raised more than $10 million from leading venture capital firms .406 Ventures, New Science Partners, Harmony Partners and Security Growth Partners. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at