VASCO Launches Smart Pack

Vasco has launched Digipass Smart Pack

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill. -- VASCO Data Security International, Inc. ( ) (Nasdaq: VDSI - News), the global number one vendor of strong user authentication and e-signature products, today announced that it has launched Digipass Smart Pack. Digipass Smart Pack is a smart card based password storage management solution that can be used by organisations, regardless their size or sector.

Digipass Smart Pack consists of client software, smart cards and optional card readers. The smart card contains all the passwords the user needs to logon to any of his password protected networks, including the corporate network of his employer, webmail, online subscription to a newspaper, etc. Once downloaded, Digipass Smart Pack runs by itself, without any programming.

When the client software is installed on the user's PC, the system will select the right password and automatically logon to the selected network or application. The passwords are securely stored on a PIN protected smart card.

Digipass Smart Pack combines convenience and security. As such, it is a great tool for companies that want to simplify their password management and that want to get rid of identity theft and abuse of sensitive data. Many security breaches are not due to high-tech hacking techniques, but because people write down logon passwords on notes, posted on their desk or even on their pc screen. With Digipass Smart Pack, this risk is no longer present. In addition, companies save a lot of money because they can reduce the costs related with password management.

"Digipass Smart Pack is the first result of the synergies between VASCO and the recently acquired smart card specialist Logico," said Jan Valcke, VASCO's President and COO. "As the full option, all terrain authentication company, VASCO broadens its product range and penetrates new vertical markets. Digipass Smart Pack is an important reinforcement for our Enterprise Security offerings. We will step up our efforts to become even more successful, in and beyond the financial sector."

Vasco Data Security International Inc.

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