T3i, Passfaces Sign

T3i announces a formal consulting agreement with Passfaces

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- T3i ( ), a leading, Atlanta based information risk management consulting firm specializing in security, regulatory compliance and industry certifications, today announces a formal consulting agreement with Passfaces. This relationship will provide T3i

with additional resources to assist their customers in the selection and

integration of appropriate monitoring and authentication tools to meet the challenges of today's security and regulatory threats. Passfaces products include Passfaces for Windows, Passfaces Web Access and Passfaces Financial.

Passfaces Certified Consultants is offered to those companies engaged in

providing businesses with objective and independent security advice and guidance. The consultants receive in depth technical training and are continually updated on product strategy and enhancements. The goal of the program is to provide consulting firms with the depth of knowledge, professional objectivity, and skills required to effectively advise clients on Passfaces' technology and products.

"We are continually looking for technologies that our clients can adopt for both security and compliance reasons. The area of unique identifiers and strong authentication is not only a hot topic, but a big

concern for most of our clients, many of whom are challenged with compliance and security requirements relating to Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and HIPAA. Having a strong understanding of the Passfaces product line provides T3i customers additional tools in the continual management of security and compliance needs." said Mark Reedy,

T3i director of sales.


Passfaces Corp.