Stillwater Implements PGP

Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company has implemented the PGP Encryption Platform for company-wide encryption of confidential data

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- PGP Corporation, a global leader in enterprise data security and encryption solutions, today announced that Stillwater National Bank and Trust Company (SNB), a subsidiary of Southwest Bancorp, Inc., has implemented the PGP Encryption Platform for company-wide encryption of confidential data. SNB is using PGP Universal Server for central security policy enforcement, automated key management, reporting, and gateway email encryption. SNB is also using PGP Desktop to protect internal email communications and PGP Whole Disk Encryption to protect data stored on employee laptops. Together these PGP products will help SNB ensure customer privacy while helping the bank to meet information security regulatory requirements.

Organizations that deploy PGP encryption solutions automatically deploy the PGP Encryption Platform. Policy enforcement, key management, recovery, and reporting are all automatically handled by the PGP Encryption Platform.

Other PGP encryption applications can be easily added as an organization's needs grow and change. Prior to deploying the PGP Encryption Platform, SNB had pieced together a mix of products from several vendors, which required installation on individual desktops, password exchange by phone, and end-user training. When users lost their passwords, the bank had to re-create the original messages and attachments, then re-encrypt and resend them.

SNB was looking for a solution that was easy to use and would automatically encrypt emails, but did not require password exchange. "Using PGP encryption is effortless because it's completely transparent to the end user," said Jacob Mays, assistant vice president of information systems, Stillwater National Bank. "Employees don't have to remember to encrypt messages and recipients don't have to be technically savvy to open encrypted emails and retrieve the information they need."

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