Singapore Gov't Agencies Use Encentuate

Twenty-six Singapore government agencies run Encentuate Identity and Access Management Suite

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Encentuate, Inc., a provider of end-point identity and access management solutions, today announced that the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has selected the Encentuate IAM Suite for enhanced security and operational efficiency. Encentuate will enable 26 Singapore government agencies to manage identity and access for more than 40,000 public officers that log into their infrastructure on a daily basis. Encentuate collaborated with IBM on the project, which served as the systems integration and managed service delivery partner.

With a focus on enhancing greater operational efficiency, leveraging information technology as an enabler, the government implemented a token-assisted login (TAL) system powered by Encentuate to enable secure access from anywhere, via the generation of one-time passwords and third party VPN solutions. Encentuate provides a comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) suite that secures access to the network with strong authentication and provides single sign-on across variety of independent applications and systems. Encentuate required no change to the government's IT infrastructure and allows IT administrators to centrally manage all user identities spread across 26 different government agencies.

Government employees and contractors use a USB key to access the government's network through Encentuate's AccessAgent, which resides on personal and shared desktops. The USB key contains a smart card for security and optional flash memory for storage purposes and generates a one-time password, which secures access to the government network while the Encentuate automatically enables single sign-on to various systems and applications. The Encentuate IMS Server, which is hosted by IBM, provides centralized management of users and policies. Encentuate also integrates with Cisco, Nortel and CheckPoint VPNs, allowing users to securely access the systems and information they need from any remote location.

"Identity and access management is important for many Singapore government agencies, and Encentuate enhanced security through centralized policy management and secure remote access," said Peng T. Ong, founder and chairman of Encentuate. "This is a major implementation of our software and demonstrates our solution's ability to manage tens of thousands of distributed users and its flexibility to integrate seamlessly with a variety of applications and solutions. The implementation has been a resounding success, and we are confident that it will continue to serve as an example for future large deployments of our technology."

Encentuate Inc.