Shavlik Announces Integration Into Juniper's UAC

Shavlik Technologies announces integration of its advanced security assessment capabilities into Juniper's Unified Access Control solution

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Shavlik Technologies, LLC, the market leader in simplifying complex enterprise network configuration, compliance and security, today announced an agreement with Juniper Networks, Inc. that enables Juniper to deliver the security scanning capabilities of Shavlik NetChk® Protect as part of Juniper’s Unified Access Control (UAC) solution. The integration of Shavlik’s patch management solution further extends UAC’s robust security assessment capabilities and allows more granular endpoint device health and security state assessments. By teaming with Shavlik to deliver integrated, out-of-the-box security assessment capabilities, Juniper is making it easier for customers to better protect their networks and reduce security, regulatory compliance and continuity risks.

Juniper is extending the existing endpoint assessment capabilities of UAC to include support for predefined patch management checks based on the scan engine and extensive security patch signature database technology from Shavlik Technologies. Shavlik’s award-winning patch management solutions provide secure and scalable offerings to help ensure endpoint security and patch management policy compliance. The predefined patch management checks in UAC 2.1 include the ability to inspect an endpoint device for targeted operating system or application hot fixes. This will enable UAC customers to easily define policies that are directly linked to the presence or absence of specific hot fixes for defined operating systems and/or applications and leveraging this for access control. The predefined patch management checks can be performed according to the severity level of the vulnerability and can be used to enforce or deny access to certain roles.

“Accurately assessing patch levels is a critical component to ensuring system health before allowing access to networks and applications,” said Sanjay Beri, vice president, Access Solutions at Juniper Networks. “Shavlik delivers a proven patch management solution, and we believe this relationship extends the unmatched endpoint assessment, network protection and access control flexibility we’ve committed to providing our customers.”

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