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Secret Service Agent’s Laptop With Clinton Hack Probe Details Stolen

The laptop, taken from Brooklyn, also contains information on Trump Tower floor and evacuation plans.

A US Secret Service agent had her laptop and some sensitive documents stolen from her car parked in the driveway of her home in Brooklyn, reports CBS2 quoting sources. Although it is believed the laptop does not contain sensitive data on the White House, it has Trump Tower floor and evacuation plans, and details of the Hillary Clinton campaign email hack probe.

Sources say surveillance camera footage does not show the actual theft but shows a man exiting a car on the agent’s street and later walking down another street with the laptop bag. NYPD found and recovered the bag sans the laptop from the location where another video footage shows the man throwing it. The bag stolen also contained “lapel assignment pins.”

The investigation is ongoing and authorities are treating this theft as a compromise of national security, says CBS News.

More on CBS New York.

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