Real Estate Investment Trusts Deploys NAC

One of nation's largest real estate investment trusts deploys Mirage Networks to protect against zeroday threats

AUSTIN, TX -- Mirage Networks, developer of the only patented Network Access Control (NAC) solution, today announced that Weingarten Realty Investors has deployed its NAC solution to protect against rapidly propagating network attacks. Weingarten, a Houston‐based real estate investment trust company with properties across the southern and western United States, was concerned that worms and viruses could propagate throughout their network and cause serious network down time and losses in productivity.

“We had concerns about malware damaging our network,” said Shelton Smith, manager of IT infrastructure for Weingarten Realty Investors. “In addition, with a large number of branch offices, deployment complexity and management became primary concerns. With its behavior‐based approach and its agentless deployment, Mirage NAC proved to be superior at both terminating threats and minimizing solution complexity.”

Mirage Networks enables more effective business communications and safeguards networks by providing fullcycle Network Access Control. Mirage’s NAC technology ensures network compliance by allowing only authorized and conformant endpoints admission to the network. Mirage continues to monitor all network traffic for compliance after admission. Mirage is a network‐based solution that requires no agent software, works in any infrastructure, and deploys “virtually inline.”

The Broadleaf Group, a Houston‐based partner of Mirage, is assisting Weingarten in the initial deployment of the solution. “Mirage NAC is a natural fit for clients that have concerns about today’s complex threat environment,” said Jason Knight, principle of The Broadleaf Group. “Mirage’s NAC capabilities assure a level of network availability that anti‐virus and anti‐spyware solutions alone can’t promise.”

“We are very pleased to have Weingarten Realty join our list of enterprises that selected Mirage NAC for its innovative approach to protecting networks from exploitative malware,” stated Greg Stock, president and CEO, Mirage Networks. "We remain dedicated to providing agentless security solutions that work in every environment out‐of‐the‐box.”

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