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Quantum Secure Launches SAFE Agent

Quantum Secure launches SAFE Agent for Sun Microsystems' Java Identity Manager

LAS VEGAS -- Quantum Secure, Inc. the leader in physical and IT security identity convergence, announced the general availability of the company’s SAFE Agent for Sun Microsystems’ Java™ Identity Manager. The solution enables the use of Sun’s Java Identity Manager with Quantum Secure’s Physical Identity & Compliance Management Suite. This gives organizations an effortless method for controlling and managing IT and physical access credentials within the disjointed and proprietary physical access control infrastructure and provides converged audit reports that compare physical and logical access events and identifying anomalies.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Sun Microsystems to address key challenges businesses face today with security automation,” said Ajay Jain, CEO and President of Quantum Secure, Inc. “By using our products together, businesses can take security to the next level by further streamlining the integration and management of logical and physical access.”

By using Quantum Secure's product with Sun’s Java Identity Manager, businesses can identify and automatically prevent security breaches arising out of identity mismatch in the physical and logical worlds. Businesses will be able to create real time audit reports aligning logical identity with physical access credentials and actual movement of that identity across various physical locations globally. The process is completely automated and in real-time, ensuring an end-to-end compliance with regulations including Sarbanes Oxley, FDA, SAS and internal security policies.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Automatic and simultaneous provisioning and de-provisioning of identities in the physical and logical worlds across disparate systems and physical security infrastructure

  • Role-based and rule-based approaches to support access enforcement and compliance in physical and logical environments

  • Centralized visibility and control over physical and logical accesses in one dashboard

  • Compliance management in the physical and logical worlds with real-time audit of an identity in the physical world

"We welcome Quantum Secure's efforts to enable integration of their physical security solution with Sun's identity management products,” said Jim McHugh, Vice President of Marketing, Software Infrastructure, Sun Microsystems. “This will enable our customers to extend the use of Sun's Identity Management products across their physical access control infrastructure.”

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