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PTO Awards Authentify Patent For Out-Of-Band Electronic Signature Process

Patent number 7,461,258 is for company's process for synchronizing a telephone call, online session, hash of the document, and user's voice to capture electronic signatures
Chicago, IL., USA| Hong Kong, China" Apr 20, 2009 " Authentify, Inc., the global leader in out-of-band[2] authentication solutions, today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent Number 7,461,258 for the company's process synchronizing a telephone call, an online session, a hash of the document and user's voice to capture electronic signatures. The process is valuable for validating online transactions, processing Web based applications or documents, online policy agreements, medical releases and other applications requiring irrefutable proof of consent.

Authentify's e-signature processes uniquely meet the requirements for e-signatures set forth in the e-Sign Act of 2000. The process, relying on the telephone and spoken affirmation, is familiar to the end user, while providing an auditable record of the spoken e-signature.

The patent is the third awarded to Authentify for its processes based on the synchronization of the Internet and phone for out-of-band and multi-factor authentication.

Detailed information about Authentify's electronic signature process and how it meets the specific requirements of the e-Sign Act of 2000 can be found at: About Authentify Founded in 1999, Authentify Inc., provides automated authentication services to prominent global businesses, routinely protecting accounts and transactions in more than 150 countries. Authentify delivers an effective authentication process relying on making telephone contact with a user while they are managing an online account.

It is a process that is practical for businesses, easy for users and effective worldwide by virtue of leveraging the reach and stability of the public switched telephone network.

The company's patented technology employs a message based architecture permitting easy layering with existing technology and infrastructure. The company's primary focus is providing authentication services to enable routine but sensitive processes to complete with high levels of certainty.

Authentify's clients include some of the most familiar, as well as the most phished, pharmed, hacked and attacked online businesses.

For more information visit Authentify at:

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