PKC Gets Celebrated

30-year public key cryptography anniversary event honors the inventors, inventions, historical milestones, and future of PKC

PALTO ALTO, Calif. -- Speaking as MC at the Information Security Technology event of the season, 30-Years of Public Key Cryptography -- which was hosted and co-sponsored by Voltage Security and RSA, the security division of EMC, at the Computer History Museum, last Thursday -- John Markoff, author and senior writer of The New York Times, stated that no technology has had a “more profound political and economic impact on the world than cryptography.” He went on to say that PKC has largely gone unnoticed because it has “so rapidly become an invisible part of the fabric of both modern communications and modern commerce.”

Dr. Dan Boneh agreed, and in the introductions stated that PKC “dominates our life in a really good way; most people who use it never know that they are actually doing public key operations— it’s all transparent.” The co-inventor of a breakthrough in Public Key technology known as Identity-Based Encryption (IBE), from which next generation encryption and key management solutions are being implemented today by Voltage Security, set the stage by pointing out the ways that the audience uses encryption every day — for example, browsing the Web to conduct online banking or shopping, or securing sensitive email messages or mobile communications.

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