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New Startup Social Network Promises To Be Highly Secure has banned third party apps and games, ads
COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Sept. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- is making a name for itself by going in the opposite direction of Facebook and other free sites. It has chosen exclusivity. "No one should be surprised that recent Facebook features push private lives into the public space," says Evelyn Castillo-Bach, founder of the new super-private social network The entrepreneur who is also a Columbia J-School graduate '93 says, "Facebook wants to turn everyone into an exhibitionist." has positioned itself as the pro-technology and super-private social network leader. It has banned third party apps and games because they are the back door to extracting information that ends up with data collectors who then sell information to future recruiters, employers, and anyone willing to pay for it. The company has also banned ads because, as stated in its About Us section, does not track its members, and advertisers rely on tracking to target customers.

Unlike Facebook and Google+, is totally supported by its members. The site boasts being the place to be for people who want super-privacy.

Members can form a limitless number of private walls or groups that are so private that even members don't know they exist unless they're invited. Searching for members by name will also result in slim pickings. is structured so members can hide their names from other members. "The whole purpose of this feature is to guarantee privacy and anonymity to high-worth individuals, prominent leaders, professionals, artists and other persons who don't want to be solicited or hounded," stated Castillo-Bach. "We offer a totally private and exclusive environment. They can use any name they want, even Donald Duck if they wish." Castillo-Bach did say that she personally knows of one member who is a famous actor and the only reason she knows is because he told her.

Does super-privacy go against the entire concept of being social? Castillo-Bach responds emphatically, "Not at all. People who require a secure environment are extremely social. But they don't always want to be followed and tracked by a crowd, apps, games or ads. Even famous people want privacy when they connect online. We provide an exclusive service for them, too."

Not all members fall into the category of high-worth individuals, admits Castillo-Bach. Members include students, physicians, whole families, and people from all walks of life and from all nationalities. "They all have one thing in common," says Castillo-Bach. "They value their privacy and are willing to invest in it. A few dollars a month is not an obstacle. It's no different than investing in a firewall for your computer."

Castillo-Bach blogs regularly under the "In the News" section of She is currently in Denmark to promote "Facebook is Trash, National Privacy Celebration." She is a first-generation American of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent.