Network Intercept Announces Free Malware And Site Scanning For Websites

First 10,000 websites to sign up will receive free protection service
LOS ANGELES, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Network Intercept's Site Scanning is a FREE service that proactively scans websites of all sizes, anywhere in the world, for malware infections and threats. Hackers infiltrate popular websites to spread malicious viruses and malware to unsuspecting visitors. More than 640,000 valid websites have already been unknowingly infected and this number continues to grow at an exceedingly rapid rate.

This FREE site and malware scanning service provides the businesses' IT administrators with automated alerts and in-depth reporting for immediate response to identified malware, allowing businesses to protect their websites and visitors from malicious intent. Network Intercept is offering this service for FREE to the first 10,000 websites to contact [email protected] and sign up for the service.

The FREE service includes such features as:

-- Automated malware detection on externally facing web pages. -- Instantaneous alerts to administrators when malware is found. -- Identification of vulnerable code snippet for quick and easy removal. -- Continual scanning that does not slow down the website -- Scales to scan millions of URLs on daily basis.

"Internet users become infected when visiting their familiar sites, not knowing the sites have recently been compromised. Network Intercept helps websites protect themselves and their customers," explains Christopher Ciabarra, President of Network Intercept.

Contact [email protected] to sign up for Network Intercept's FREE Site Scanning Service today.

About Network Intercept

Network Intercept is an Internet Security company that has created a series of products to protect businesses as well as individual home users from the known and unknown threats on the Internet. Founded in 2008, Network Intercept is a privately held company with offices in NY, San Francisco, and Bangladesh and headquarters in Los Angeles. Their suite of products provide encrypted and accelerated web browsing, network productivity protection, as well as secure data access to business critical content and personal information. Network Intercept is dedicated to shielding individuals and businesses from malicious intent on the Internet.