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Netronome Announces First SSL Inspection Appliance For 10 Gbps Networks

SSL Inspector Appliance patches critical hole in Internet security architecture, eliminating blind spot in enterprise compliance caused by encryption
SAN FRANCISCO --(Business Wire)-- Mar 01, 2010 Netronome, the leading developer of network flow processing solutions for high-performance security and deep packet inspection applications, today announced the industry's first SSL inspection appliance for 10 Gbps networks. The Netronome SSL Inspector Appliance is the only device that can be deployed in 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps networks without negatively impacting network throughput or latency. As a result the SSL Inspector Appliance is the only device available today that is guaranteed to accurately detect and decrypt 100% of encrypted communications for inspection. Netronome is demonstrating the SSL Inspector Appliance at RSA Conference 2010 in booth 656.

With the rise of cloud computing and Web 2.0, many applications are using encryption by default to secure information while in transit over public networks. As a result, enterprise networks are more susceptible to attacks and malware that bypass intrusion detection and prevention systems because the traffic is encrypted. Encryption also enables accidental and intentional data leaks that are not detected by network forensics and data loss prevention systems.

"Encrypted communications help enterprises comply with government regulations and fulfill corporate compliance by securing confidential data. At the same time encryption can provide an easy vehicle for criminals to hide their activities," said David Wells, vice president of technology and co-founder at Netronome. "Several recent well publicized attacks at Fortune 1000 companies, global Internet search providers and U.S. government agencies were advanced persistent threats that made significant use of SSL encryption. These sophisticated criminal activities that continue to evade enterprise security solutions can easily be exposed by the SSL Inspector Appliance."

Key benefits of the SSL Inspector Appliance include:

* Powerful hardware acceleration - that can actively search for SSL traffic, guaranteeing that all encrypted communications are detected and optionally inspected while maintaining gigabits of network throughput. * Easy integration into existing infrastructure - protecting investments in existing networking equipment without requiring wholesale replacements to add SSL inspection. * Improved enterprise security and compliance - with regulations such as PCI, SOX and HIPPA by seamlessly connecting to existing intrusion detection and prevention, forensics and data loss prevention systems * Complete Transparency " unlike other traditional proxy devices, the SSL Inspector Appliance is fully transparent requiring no client configuration.

Additionally, Netronome's SSL Inspector Appliance provides an operator-configurable policy control engine for white- and black-list inspection. The system provides granular logging, reporting and statistics for operators to gain visibility into the often unknown extent of encryption use in their networks. The appliances also support numerous configurations for in-line and passive deployments, providing the ability to inspect both inbound and outbound SSL flows. For in-line deployments, the SSL Inspector Appliances offer network resiliency features including fail-to-open and fail-to-close wire and fiber options.

"The majority of enterprise security appliances are completely blind to encrypted communications" said Dean Pace, managing partner at MAD Security, LLC, a leading consultant and integrator for network security solutions. "With encrypted applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange 2007, WebEx,, and Google Gmail using SSL by default, there are immediate ramifications to enterprise security."

Product Availability

The Netronome SSL Inspector Appliance is now generally available. For more information or to find a VAR, systems integrator or OEM in your area, contact [email protected]

Netronome is also offering a free SSL Inspection Audit for network operators to learn just how much their security systems are missing in encrypted communications. To sign up for the free network encryption audit, download product details, and access ordering information please visit

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