NCircle Adds Dashboard

NCircle announced an update to the nCircle Security Intelligence Hub

SAN FRANCISCO -- nCircle, the leading provider of agentless security risk and compliance management solutions, today announced an update to the nCircle Security Intelligence Hub fulfilling the reporting needs at the intersection of security risk management and compliance automation. The update includes customizable compliance dashboards and reports designed to help executives, compliance officers and security professionals automate compliance efforts and report consistently on results.

Enterprises and standards organizations including the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) have acknowledged audit costs are high and the trend towards a risk-oriented approach has value. Enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to increase compliance while at the same time reducing costs and risk. In order to achieve these goals, enterprises must have a composite view of risk and be able to accurately track accountability for reducing risk.

"Through 2011, companies that pursue an integrated strategy of a risk-oriented approach to compliance, standardization of controls and automation will reduce the scope of manual process controls by 70 percent and will get the most collateral business value from their compliance investments," according to a Gartner report (The 2006 Planning Guidance for Compliance: Risk- Orientation, Standardization and Automation By French Caldwell, Christine Adams, Tom Eid, April 2006).

A core component of nCircle's security risk and compliance management offering, the Security Intelligence Hub delivers customizable reporting for all levels of the IT organization from technical staff to internal audit teams and executives. First announced in June 2005, the Security Intelligence Hub is based on the endpoint intelligence gathered by nCircle IP360 and provides a central repository for security intelligence that integrates seamlessly with existing information systems such as such as asset management, help desk, and ERP systems in addition to threat intelligence feeds.

This updated version of the nCircle Security Intelligence Hub includes an impressive portfolio of customer-tested reports including expanded executive and technical-level dashboards as well as comprehensive risk analysis reports that enable enterprises to look at risk from multiple perspectives including applications, vulnerabilities, operating systems, and configurations. Built on an open architecture for high scalability and extensibility, the Security Intelligence Hub delivers highly effective and customizable executive reporting, including network risk analysis, trending, and compliance management reporting to enable objective measurement and management of a company's risk posture. Data aggregated by the Security Intelligence Hub can be stored for months or years, enabling customers to comply with regulatory policies such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

"Security and compliance are critical issues for enterprises today, and major challenges lie in automating processes and delivering the appropriate information to different audiences consistently," stated Tim Keanini, CTO, nCircle. "The enhanced compliance dashboards provide an accurate and accessible tool for risk and compliance reporting across the enterprise."