Motorola Unveils Public Safety, Video Server Products

The hardware, which centers on the 4.9-GHz band, is aimed at providing improved secure wireless connectivity.
Motorola on Tuesday unveiled new public-safety solutions in the 4.9-GHz band that are aimed at providing public-safety agencies with improved secure wireless connectivity.

Announced Tuesday, the Point-to-Point (PTP) 49600 series wireless Ethernet bridge and the Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) 49400 series wireless network access solution complement Motorola's MOTOA4 back-end hardware portfolio. The PTP 49600 provides backhaul across land mobile radio systems, while the PMP 49400 delivers point-to-multipoint broadband access and distribution.

"Both the PTP 49600 and the PM 49400 are affordable licensed band solutions that can help public-safety agencies and local governments support applications requiring additional bandwidth, reduce costs associated with leased lines, or backhaul the traffic on their two-way radio networks," Phil Bolt, VP and general manager of Motorola's wireless broadband unit, said in a statement.

Designed for users who need always-on connectivity and backhaul applications, the PTP 49600 bridge is easily deployed in harsh environments. The IP-based radio can deliver up to 150-Mbps connectivity and features integrated T1/E1 ports for mission-critical public-safety applications.

The PMP 49400 is aimed at government agencies and municipalities that operate networks in the 4.9 GHz licensed band and are often used in leased-line replacement or wireless video surveillance situations.

In another product announcement Tuesday, Motorola's Home and Networks Mobility unit introduced its B-3 Video Server in its B-1 server family, which the company said is the world's most widely deployed solid-state on-demand server. The new server technology enables users to optimize streaming and network resources while also reducing storage costs, Motorola said.

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