Managed Encryption Service Protects UK Gov't Data

New managed encryption service protects UK government data up to confidential marking

LONDON -- Government security specialist, Regency IT Consulting, has partnered with Policy Networking leader, AEP Networks, to launch a third-party managed encryption service designed to protect UK Government data up to 'Confidential' marking which is communicated over Public networks.

The service is designed for Government departments, agencies, police forces and defence contractors who, because they have a limited need for sending encrypted data across networks, find it more difficult to justify the in-house start-up and management costs of encrypted communications.

"We have identified requirements in a number of Public Sector organisations for small scale encrypted links between sites and for home or mobile workers (including ministers, very senior staff and on-call critical workers) that need protected remote access links," said Steve Lewis V-P Business Development from AEP Networks. "But they are put off by the initial investment in equipment and skills development needed to design, implement and manage encrypted communications. And this is where Regency's offering can be really valuable."

AEP Networks Inc.