IGEL Adds Citrix Password Manager

IGEL announced the inclusion of Citrix Password Manager and its Hot Desktop feature in the latest version of its XP Embedded firmware

EDINBURGH, U.K. -- IGEL Technology today announced the inclusion of Citrix(r) Password Manager(tm) and its Hot Desktop feature in the latest version of its Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP Embedded firmware. Roaming workers in industries such as healthcare can now reduce log-in time by up to 90 percent using the Hot Desktop functionality, which comes pre-installed with its necessary components and applications on IGEL's XPe thin clients. The latest IGEL firmware also provides fast user-switching with integrated Gemalto smart cards to solve the authentication and single sign-on challenges of busy roaming workers.

For IT administrators, the IGEL firmware offers simplified, out-of-the-box configuration, while providing quick and easy log-in for shared workstations or roaming users. Using IGEL's Remote Management Suite, which comes bundled with every IGEL thin client, IT administrators also can manage user credentials to meet security and compliance regulations.

"The Hot Desktop feature of Citrix Password Manager keeps a locked-down shared account always logged-in for fast access, while adding an additional layer of explicit user authentication for access control and automated connection to Citrix delivered applications," said Edward Rodriguez, director of Citrix Password Manager Sales for Citrix Systems, Inc. "By incorporating Citrix's Hot Desktop functionality into IGEL thin client devices, industry sectors such as healthcare eliminate generic log-on accounts to meet compliance regulations. Specifically, user log-ons, log-outs and password changes can now be logged for accountability and auditing, while walk-away timeouts increase security."

IGEL Technology