IBM Injects Security Into Mashups

While mashups offer a handy way for companies to pull data from multiple source types into a unified view, all that sharing also carries security risks in the form of spreading malicious code. And that's not a risk most SMBs can afford to take.IBM hopes to reduce that fear with new technology called SMash (secure mashup), which lets information from different sources communicate with each other, but keeps code and data from each of the sources separate. As part of the initiative, IBM is also donating the technology to the OpenAjax Alliance -- an organization that promotes AJAX interoperability -- to help spur widespread adoption of Web 2.0 technologies.

"Web 2.0 is fundamentally about empowering people, and has created a societal shift in the way we organize, access and use information," said Rod Smith, IBM Fellow & VP, in a statement. "Security concerns can't be a complete inhibitor or clients lose out on the immense benefit mashups bring."InfoWorld