IBM Focuses on Risk Management

New services, products and research aim to manage business risk from the enterprise to the edge

ARMONK, N.Y. -- Combining the full force of its Services, Software, Systems and Research arms, IBM today introduced new security services, products and research breakthroughs designed to help businesses more effectively manage operational and information technology risk.

IBM sees information technology security changing as more collaborative business models, sophisticated attackers, and complex infrastructures emerge. As a result, today's wide array of security technologies, implemented tactically in silos, are not sufficient to deal with the new reality of risk. IBM’s approach is to strategically manage risk end-to end across all five domains of information technology security –Information Security; Threat and Vulnerability, Application Security; Identity and Access Management and Physical Security.

“Security is broken. The nature of evolving threats is such that installing point solutions to 'keep the bad guys out' is no longer a viable way to secure a business,” said Tom Noonan, general manager IBM Internet Security Systems. “We need new approaches to reduce complexities, adapt to new business imperatives and enable business value versus just threat protection. The path to a more secure world begins with a risk management strategy that limits the impact of threats, improves business resilience and creates an enterprise free of fear.”