HID to Distribute Privaris Tokens

HID Global to distribute Privaris' plusID line of wireless identity verification products

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Privaris, a leading provider of personal, wireless identity verification solutions, today announced that HID Global, the trusted leader in providing solutions for the delivery of secure identity, will distribute Privaris’ plusID family of products. plusID is the industry’s first line of personal biometric identity verification tokens for both physical and logical access. plusID is also the first product licensed by HID to use Virtual Credentials provided by the new HID idBankTM System. HID Global will initially sell plusID to a select group of HID partners.

Using its built-in fingerprint reader, plusID verifies its user’s identity before delivering industry standard credentials for secure access. plusID can support all of HID’s card formats, enabling it to operate with any organization’s existing HID readers – with no changes to the access control system. Using HID’s new idBank technology, combinations of HID Proximity, HID Indala Proximity, CASI Proximity and HID iCLASS® access credential formats can be securely loaded onto plusID devices, allowing customers to easily combine HID’s universally accepted access credentials with the increased security of biometric identity verification.

“A strong factor in our decision to partner with Privaris was plusID’s unique approach to identity verification,” said Mark Scaparro, Executive Vice President of Global Strategy at HID Global. “plusID provides not just the strong identity verification offered by biometrics, but also complete compatibility with HID’s trusted credentials, giving enterprises the ability to deploy it literally overnight.”

Privaris Inc.