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Group Logic Launches Free Secure File Transfer Offering

MassTransit SFTP is commercially developed, supported
Arlington, VA, July 1, 2010 - Group Logic (GLI), a leading provider of digital content-driven collaboration solutions for the enterprise and the cloud, unveiled today two new offerings designed to empower companies to more effectively share digital content as part of their collaborative business processes.

First, Group Logic announced the availability of its premium enterprise solution, MassTransit HP 7.0, the company’s fastest, most reliable and easiest to use Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution yet. To fuel its performance boost, MassTransit HP now supports a new UDP-based protocol that yields the highest performance data transfer rates and eliminates latency issues. Benchmarked at speeds up to twenty times faster than other leading FTP-based offerings, MassTransit HP is also faster than any other UDP-enabled product in the market today.

“Today’s business roles require faster, more secure ways to share digital content for collaboration than email or barebones FTP tools,” said Chris Broderick, CEO of Group Logic. “Digital content files are growing faster than technology can keep up – until now that is. MassTransit HP’s ultra-fast data transfer speeds launch a new era in digital content collaboration. No longer are users relegated to Fedex as the only viable way to share massive digital content files . With our solution, creative developers, engineers, medical researchers, or anyone else can send files ranging up to one hundred megabytes, or more – quickly, reliably, and securely.”

GLI also introduced as part of its new suite a brand new product called MassTransit SFTP 7.0. An industry first, MassTransit SFTP is a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server offering that is commercially developed, supported, and offered completely free of charge. Group Logic announced that MassTransit SFTP is available today as a download from their corporate website: .

“For too long companies have depended upon twenty-year-old, unsecure and unreliable technologies to share what in many cases are their most important corporate assets,” said Dustin McNabb, Vice President of Marketing at Group Logic. “Starting today, that ends. Companies that are serious about security and compliance now have a free solution they can trust to meet their needs. MassTransit SFTP is perfect for any company that wants to upgrade their existing FTP server and still use their existing FTP client applications and user interfaces.”

Non-secure FTP is frequently cited as the primary means for file transfer for attachments too large for conventional email programs, estimated at as much as 80 per cent. In addition to security risks, non-secure FTP tools rarely deliver the capabilities necessary to assure compliance. Even email itself presents its own security risks and IT resource challenges, with frequent user error and the unnecessary redundant storage of digital content.

By contrast, MassTransit solutions save countless hours and thousands of dollars in lost productivity, shorten their business cycle and improve time-to market. Every transfer is fully visible, tracked and governed. MassTransit can be used to automate complex business process file transfer between multiple users, other software systems and to partner companies. MassTransit's advanced workflow management capabilities intelligently route files based on rules, events and metadata. Administrators can integrate the MassTransit file transfer solution with almost any third-party system via a rich set of web services and APIs.

“Whether working in healthcare, financial services, advertising or nearly any industry, the need to access and share all forms of digital content has never been greater, and the need to do it securely and quickly has never been more urgent,” added Broderick. “We’ve set two new benchmarks here when it comes to both security and speed. We’re leading the way for this industry.”

About Group Logic Group Logic , Inc. (GLI) is a leading provider of digital content-driven collaboration solutions for the enterprise and the cloud. With over 20 years of unmatched experience, Group Logic’s emphasis on customer success is the very core of its business. More than 4,500 customers trust Group Logic every day to access, share, and extend their digital content investments around the world. For more information, visit Group Logic on the Web at or call 800.476.8781 / +1.703.528.1555.