Fiberlink Launches Mobile NAC

Fiberlink introduces the first NAC solution designed specifically for the mobile workforce

BLUE BELL, Pa. -- Fiberlink Communications Corporation, the trusted expert for simple, secure mobile working, today announced its new Mobile Network Access Control (Mobile NAC) offering for mobile and remote workers, which uses Fiberlink's recently released Extend360 Mobility Platform 2.0(TM) (see today's announcement: Fiberlink Simplifies Mobile Working with New Extend360 Mobility Platform 2.0(TM)).

Fiberlink's Mobile NAC offering provides comprehensive control over network access and endpoint security for organizations with growing numbers of laptop users. Mobile NAC provides the core network access control functions, including policy management, endpoint assessment, quarantine, enforcement and remediation. However, unlike other NAC products that inspect mobile devices only when they try to access the corporate LAN, Fiberlink Mobile NAC protects laptops by assessing and remediating security applications at all times, from start-up to shut-down. Endpoint remediation is fully integrated into the Fiberlink solution, so non-compliant systems can be repaired automatically and mobile users can be re-admitted to networks quickly and conveniently. In addition, Fiberlink Mobile NAC does not require any upgrades to the enterprise network infrastructure.

"Fiberlink offers depth and breadth of experience with mobile users who have very acute business problems maintaining compliance with security policies, preventing malware infections, stopping unauthorized data access, and exerting content controls. Although enterprises are becoming savvier about NAC offerings, not all NAC solutions are created equal when it comes to solving business issues around mobile workers," said Chris Liebert, senior analyst for Yankee Group. "To address mobile user security issues and prevent virus propagation, NAC solutions must do a complete pre-admission endpoint security health check assessment, authenticate users to identity management directories, and quarantine and remediate devices that don't meet security policies before they connect to the corporate network, and throughout the network session."

"Today's NAC products promise a powerful line of defense against viruses, malware and hackers in order to protect the network but they don't address mobile workers who are often disconnected from the network perimeter," said Christopher Clark, chief operating officer of Fiberlink. "Fiberlink takes a 'protection-before-the-perimeter' approach to NAC because we are increasingly seeing our customers embracing laptop deployments which reduce an enterprises' ability to control off network devices. We offer a unique solution to help enterprises get started with NAC without the need for complex, expensive implementations."

Fiberlink Communications Corp.