Dream Force Secures Online Training

Dream Force achieves significant ROI by securing their online training videos without using passwords

AYR, U.K. -- Dream Force, a premier training solutions company for users of AdvancedMD’s online web-based medical billing software, and Microsoft’s Office 2007 and Windows Vista software, have chosen Lizard Protector, a web content security DRM solution from LockLizard, to secure their online training videos. They needed a solution to protect their company’s many hundreds of man hours put into recorded training video - and Lizard Protector fitted the bill.

Dream Force chose Lizard Protector because it was the only software that was simple, yet powerful enough to secure their online training videos.

Kirt Kershaw, Dream Force’s CEO says, “After we render the AdvancedMD training videos we are able to within less than a minute protect them. Lizard Protector gave us freedom from managing passwords, and worrying about those passwords being passed around, or even resold. Unlike other software companies that can only protect your videos when hosted on their servers (still using passwords and charging their clients additional fees for storage of their files and bandwidth used), Lizard Protector gave us complete freedom to store our files anywhere, and deliver them to our customers in a form that suited us. That represented significant added value to our business.”

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