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Dataguise Launches DgHadoop

DgHadoopT protects and monitors big data to provide compliance assessment and enforcement for centralized data privacy protection
FREMONT, Calif., June 11, 2012 - Dataguise (, a leading innovator of data security intelligence and protection solutions, today announced the release of the industry's first enterprise-grade data privacy protection and risk assessment solution for Hadoop. The new solution, DgHadoopT, provides compliance assessment and enforcement for centralized data privacy protection to simplify data compliance management, improve operational efficiencies and reduce regulatory compliance costs.

"We live in a time of data proliferation and much of today's 'new' data doesn't reside in traditional enterprise data sources such as relational databases or enterprise applications," said Manmeet Singh, CEO, Dataguise. "The data can be anywhere, on premises or in the cloud, and companies need to reliably enforce data privacy policies regardless of where it is stored. DgHadoop meets this challenge by delivering enterprise-class sensitive data detection, protection and actionable intelligence for Hadoop, applying the most appropriate measures to ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance."

Because environments such as Hadoop include very large data sets of mixed classifications and security sensitivities, they are particularly prone to data privacy breaches. And, because so much data is aggregated into one environment, the risk of data theft or accidental disclosure is substantially increased because it serves as a single point of access to potentially millions of records. The detection and protection of sensitive data contained in these large data repositories is critical to the management of privacy policy enforcement and control to minimize the risk of data compromise.

"It doesn't take a clairvoyant - or in this case, a research analyst - to see that 'big data' is becoming (if it isn't already, perhaps) a major buzzword in security circles," said Ramon Krikken, Security and Risk Management Strategies Analyst, Gartner. "Much of the securing of big data will need to be handled by thoroughly understanding the data and its usage patterns. Having the ability to identify, control access to, and - where possible - mask sensitive data in big data environments based on policy is an important part of the overall approach."

DgHadoop was designed to overcome this challenge. It is a comprehensive, flexible and modular solution that delivers enterprise-class protection to sensitive data aggregated in Hadoop deployments. Offering actionable intelligence to decision makers about their compliance risk and mitigation policies, DgHadoop adapts easily to different deployments and data utilization needs. Specifically it allows companies to: . Detect and protect data on the fly, as it is collected. . Detect and protect sensitive data stored in Hadoop HDFS by leveraging Hadoop APIs. The solution will store protected data alongside unprotected data in the same Hadoop implementation or quarantine data in a separate Hadoop implementation. . Detect and protect structured, relational data in source repositories leveraging Sqoop to move data into Hadoop. . Ensure that protected data maintains its integrity and value by masking data and reverting masked data to the original sensitive data, when needed. . Set access permissions on protected files to facilitate user credential enforcement so users can access protected or unprotected data in Hadoop, according to their credentials.

"Big Data poses a big challenge to security technologies; both in the diversity of the data sets they store, and the sheer scale of the environments which leverage sensitive data to perform analytics," said Adrian Lane, Security Analyst and CTO, Securosis. "I see data masking as a key technology to addressing data security and privacy in these environments. Masking, unlike encryption solutions, can secure a myriad of data types and still preserve value in large analytics systems and Hadoop databases."

"Customers are looking for enterprise-grade capabilities in Hadoop. In addition to data protection and availability, they want to safeguard data integrity," said Alan Geary, Senior Director of Business Development, MapR. "Dataguise secures sensitive data against unauthorized access and delivers actionable intelligence that reduces risk and ensures compliance."

DgHadoop will be available starting in July 2012 directly through Dataguise and through strategic Dataguise partners, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and Compuware. For additional information, please visit:

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