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New NAC Director delivers comprehensive access control for wired, wireless, and VPN connections

CONCORD, N.H. -- Bradford Networks, a leading provider of comprehensive network access control (NAC) solutions, announced today a new product family that gives enterprise network managers the power and flexibility necessary to deploy user-centric, network-based access control. NAC Director™ helps prevent virus outbreaks through endpoint compliance, accurately identifies all users before granting appropriate network access and reacts instantly to control activities that violate usage policy. In a single appliance, NAC Director manages access for any type of network connection – wired, wireless, or virtual private network (VPN).

Bradford’s new NAC Director gives enterprises of all sizes a single, comprehensive product that addresses the three key components of network access control – identity management, endpoint compliance, and usage policy enforcement. NAC Director’s unrivaled seven-point identity match ensures that only authorized users can log into the network and unauthorized users can’t bypass security systems by moving machines or changing the type of connection.

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