BEA Releases ALES 2.5

BEA Systems announced the release of AquaLogic Enterprise Security (ALES) 2.5

PRAGUE -- BEA Systems, Inc., a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, today announced the release of AquaLogic Enterprise Security (ALES) 2.5, an entitlement and centralized policy management solution designed for custom enterprise applications across heterogeneous environments. ALES 2.5 offers a new UI that can help business users to manage user roles and entitlements and new capabilities for transactional management operations and auditing. This latest version of ALES also features internationalization capabilities.

ALES is designed to help strengthen security and compliance, increase IT efficiency, and enhance business agility by decoupling security logic from applications and to help provide consistent policy administration, enforcement and auditing across custom applications in the enterprise. It can help enhance overall enterprise security by leveraging and extending existing investments in custom and third-party security technologies through an open, interoperable, and standards-based architecture. ALES is also designed to combine centralized security policy control with delegated administration, while still providing enterprise-class high performance, scalability and reliability.

“Today, security must be a business enabler that can ensure that an organization’s applications can meet business requirements and address security or compliance needs,” said Paul Patrick, Vice President and Chief Architect for AquaLogic, BEA Systems, Inc. “Because SOA components are developed independently of any specific host platform, application usage scenario or geographical region, underlying security infrastructures must also evolve and adapt. With the addition of internationalization support, new entitlements UI and transactional capabilities, ALES 2.5 is designed to extend the enterprise's ability to rapidly adapt to application usage requirements, regardless of where an organization does business.”

BEA Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS)