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Bart VPN guarantees its users total Internet anonymity
SZCZECIN, Poland, July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- After recent controversies over signing of the ACTA treaty, over arresting and prosecuting the founder of MegaUpload, and passing extremely rigorous regulations against Internet piracy in the United States, Red Sky launches a new VPN service: Bart VPN, branded Bart the Guard - Privacy Hero.

Bart VPN guarantees its users total Internet anonymity. Bart tightly guards online privacy: by changing visible IPs and tunneling all your communication through secure and stable servers located all around the world it effectively hides its users' identities online. One of its many important features is the so called "P2P friendly" mode which allows safe and anonymous downloading of files wherever you are, even in countries like the United States. also guarantees its users safety while surfing online and using online services. As intended by its creators, Bart will ensure total anonymity when registering or logging to Internet services such as YouTube, Facebook, Hulu etc.

Bart has numerous significant advantages that makes it unique among other VPN Software. Using Bart the Guard lets you bypass any Internet geographical limitations and political restrictions. Its special privacy policy and using IP addresses in "P2P friendly" locations allow secure and anonymous file downloads. Bart VPN is compatible with every type of Internet connection and uses only high speed 100 Mb/s servers. It also offers unlimited transfer for every user and the ability to connect using 100 different IP addresses in 8 different countries (1000 IP addresses in 20 different countries in the near future).

While working on the application, creators of Bart the Guard emphasized simplicity. This is why the software is user friendly and easily accessible to everyone, including people with little knowledge about the Internet.