ArcSight Delivers Point-and-Click Audit Controls

ArcSight delivers industry-leading appliance with point-and-click audit controls for network configuration and compliance management

LONDON -- ArcSight, Inc., a leader in enterprise security and compliance management solutions, today introduced ArcSight Network Configuration Manager(tm) (NCM) 4.2, an industry-leading network configuration and compliance management solution. ArcSight also introduced the ArcSight NCM Audit Package for Cisco, a CIS (Center for Internet Security)-certified set of controls and reports for managing, monitoring and auditing Cisco(r)-based networks. The new package uses the latest CIS benchmark, version 2.2, for Cisco Router IOS(r) and Cisco PIX(r) firewalls. The ArcSight NCM Audit Package for Cisco offers a real-world, measurable baseline for compliance standards that lack defined compliance processes, such as SOX and HIPAA.

Key benefits of ArcSight NCM and ArcSight NCM Audit Package for Cisco are as follows:

  • The solution automatically monitors the full set of 90-plus auditing requirements against Cisco routers and firewalls and provides active remediation to audit violations to avoid network disruptions.
  • Easy-to-use point-and-click authoring of audit controls allows organisations to quickly create and modify the CIS audit controls to their individual compliance needs without requiring programming.
  • ArcSight dramatically simplifies network configuration and compliance management through intuitive, role-based wizards that minimise the demands placed on overburdened network engineers.
  • The secure, hardened appliance protects valuable network configurations and at the same time is easy to deploy and delivers a low total cost of ownership.

Solution Provides Measurable Baseline, Visibility "ArcSight is improving the security of enterprise networks by shipping out-of-the-box CIS-certified audit controls in an appliance-based network configuration and compliance management solution," said Tom Reilly, president and COO of ArcSight. "As part of this new offering, ArcSight is shipping a dramatically simplified, point-and-click authoring environment for tailoring the controls for a company's specific needs. In addition, ArcSight NCM 4.2 offers wizard-driven change provisioning that changes the game for productivity in the administration and enforcement of network policy."

ArcSight Inc.