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Application Monitoring Comes To Microsoft's Open Source Hosting Site

Runtime Intelligence Service will publish application and feature usage statistics for Microsoft's CodePlex
CLEVELAND, OH, May 12, 2010 - PreEmptive Solutions, a leading provider of solutions to measure, manage, and protect applications, announced today that its Runtime Intelligence Service will publish application and feature usage statistics for Microsoft's CodePlex open source hosting service.

Developers use Runtime Intelligence to improve user experience, validate usage assumptions, and improve the overall quality of their applications. Potential users of these applications can use Runtime Intelligence to better identify which applications are being used most often and even what features are most popular.

With the release of the latest version of the CodePlex site on May 6, 2010, developers can inject application monitoring technology into their applications using Dotfuscator' (either the Community Edition included with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or the commercial edition licensed by PreEmptive). The instrumented applications stream usage data to PreEmptive Solutions Runtime Intelligence Portal where it is then integrated into, and published by, the CodePlex website at

"Developers always want reliable data on how their applications are performing in the wild," said Jonathan Wanagel, senior development manager of Server and Tools Online at Microsoft Corp. "The truly unique dimension that publishing this kind of information to an open-source community brings is that now potential users will have the same degree of visibility and that will help to drive adoption of quality open-source applications."

"The CodePlex team has truly raised the bar on what open source developers and end users should expect from their hosting platforms," said Gabriel Torok, president of PreEmptive Solutions. "We are proud that Dotfuscator and the Runtime Intelligence Service are a part of this solution."

Dotfuscator injects all of this functionality into compiled assemblies and that means that both existing and future projects can take advantage of this service immediately. In fact, within the first 48 hours that this service was available, nine distinct development projects updated and distributed their applications and are already publishing runtime intelligence data for all to see.

Developers can learn more by visiting for documentation and a tutorial. Visitors to the CodePlex site can see the resulting usage data alongside existing download and web page view statistics. An example can be seen on the Application Runs chart at

About PreEmptive Solutions PreEmptive Solutions produces the Dotfuscator and DashO application protection, monitoring and management product families and the Runtime Intelligence Service. With more than 4,000 corporate clients, 40,000 registered installations in 100+ countries and inclusion with Microsoft's 6,000,000+ Visual Studio seats, PreEmptive Solutions is the clear choice for every organization serious about protecting, measuring and managing their application investments. For more information, visit or call +1 440.443.7200.

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