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LANDESK Simplifies Control of IT Assets and Costs

IT Asset Management Suite Gives Businesses Easy-to-Use System to Manage Licenses, Prepare for Software Audits.

SALT LAKE CITY ‹ November 04, 2014 ‹ LANDESK, a global leader in delivering user-oriented IT solutions, today announced the release of its first-ever IT Asset Management (ITAM) Suite. This new user-friendly suite gives a complete view of assets in one central place, allowing organizations to gain control over software compliance and costs.
LANDESK ITAM Suite brings order to the realm of asset management. The ITAM Suite discovers assets within the organization and delivers a full report of a company¹s IT assets from the moment they¹re purchased to the end of their lifecycle.
The products in this suite have already contributed to millions of dollars of savings annually by companies discovering and organizing their assets to eliminate unnecessary and redundant licensing renewals, as well as fines at the end of software audits. For example, George Leonard, IT asset manager at Sealed Air reported, ³Within the first three months of using the solution to automatically identify and remove unused software, we had cost avoidance savings of $958,000 in licensing fees.²
The ITAM Suite provides better visibility into software and asset lifecycles, licensing and ownership, which provides an opportunity for reclamation, reducing costs and risks.  Some of the other ways the ITAM Suite is simplifying asset management include:
·      Automated warranty and recall data. By giving a comprehensive look at assets, the ITAM Suite helps to keep IT managers up to date by automating hardware warranty tracking and recalls for assets like batteries, printer ink or toner, and other consumables.
·      Increased visibility. This suite provides IT managers with the ability to roll up and normalize asset information from discovery and inventory processes, align it with 3rd party vendor data, and publish information to the people who need it most.
·      Accurate view of licenses. With the use of this suite, IT managers no longer need fear audit true ups because they are provided with accurate, reliable licensing information. This suite also helps businesses reclaim operational expense by reclaiming unused software licenses.
·      Streamlined processes. LANDESK ITAM Suite streamlines workflow and simplifies processes by giving businesses a one-stop solution that helps them know the status of their assets.
³We¹ve made it a priority to become the trusted source on IT assets,² said Matt Bingham, director of product management at LANDESK. ³Whether you are facing an audit or looking to implement full asset lifecycle processes, LANDESK consistently provides the best tools available to make our customers¹ work more efficient and simple.²
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