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My Company Is Looking at WAFs to Help Secure Traffic. Where Do We Start?

Above all else, think cloud-agnostic.

Question: My company has a significant cloud services implementation, and we are looking at WAFs to help secure traffic for specific applications. Where do we start?

Akamai: Selecting a Web application firewall (WAF) can be very simple or very complex. Whatever you do, try to make sure it is cloud-agnostic.

Having a cloud-agnostic WAF, like something built on the edge, allows you to protect all of your applications – whether they're on-prem, in one cloud provider, or spread across multiple cloud providers – with the same solution.

This is a more architecturally elegant approach and one that allows your security team to scale – where you can protect applications regardless of where your developer teams are putting them and not have to manage multiple solutions or get in the way of your developers.

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