WorldExtend: VPN Service Growing Fast

WorldExtend's SecureIDAT free managed VPN and remote access service customer base has tripled in size during the first two weeks of June

PHILADELPHIA -- WorldExtendR, the remote access and network security specialist, today announced that its fast-expanding SecureIDAT free managed VPN and remote access service customer base has tripled in size during the first two weeks of June. By way of thanks to its

burgeoning user community - and to further drive downloads, use, and viral spread of its innovative, software-based platform - WorldExtend will give away an Apple iPhone to one lucky downloader in July, August, and September.

The winner will be notified at the end of each month and the announcement posted on the SecureIDA website.

"The global response SecureIDA has received from its fast-growing user community in the first half of June has been outstanding and this incentive program will encourage feedback to enable WorldExtend to further expand its community by providing exactly the services users want most," said Bruce LeBuhn, Director, Marketing & Sales, WorldExtend, LLC. "We believe that the

best way to build a community is to deliver value as well as give something back, and what better way to start the next phase of our marketing program than by giving away what will undoubtedly be the hottest cell phone on the market," LeBuhn continued. "Not only has WorldExtend exceeding its projected number of downloads for this stage in its growth curve, but it is also ahead of schedule in the roll-out of additional functionality that will

make it simple, secure and inexpensive for SMBs to utilize remote access services that were traditionally only available to large enterprises due to cost, complexity, and the need for specialized expertise."

The latest such functionality is SecureIDA's "Zero Port" enhanced security which enables administrators to completely close down all inbound ports - yet still allow access, making it virtually impossible for hackers to access

a user's network. Zero Port has already received praise from server-based computing expert and DABCC website founder, Doug Brown.

"Before SecureIDA I was forced to keep ports open which caused a giant security hole, but once I deployed SecureIDA it was simple to close this vulnerability," commented Doug Brown.

WorldExtend LLC