University Taps StealthWatch

Lancope announced that the University of Nottingham deployed the StealthWatch System to protect its network from threats

ATLANTA -- Lancope, Inc., the provider of StealthWatch™, the most widely used network behavior analysis (NBA) and response solution, today announced that the University of Nottingham deployed the StealthWatch System to protect its complex and demanding network from internal and external threats.

The University of Nottingham, ranked 74th in the Newsweek Top 100 Global Universities, will use StealthWatch to protect its own network as well as the East Midlands Metropolitan Area Network (EMMAN), which it jointly manages. The system is monitoring the EMMAN backbone connecting eight Universities and 40 colleges to the UK Joint Academic Network (JANET) and also the campus activity at Nottingham. Used primarily to identify malicious activity inside the network perimeter, Nottingham’s Security and Compliance Group and Operations Team also rely on StealthWatch as a forensic tool for incident response and network abuse investigations.

“StealthWatch met all 37 essential and desirable requirements set by our selection panel,” said Paul Kennedy, Security and Compliance Group leader for the University of Nottingham. “We’ve been particularly impressed with how StealthWatch succinctly summarizes a large quantity of network intelligence into a few key data points. Immediately, upon installation we could spot trouble on our network just by tracking the information provided by the StealthWatch Concern Index. We can learn exactly what a machine is up to from a quick look at the Concern Index followed by a more detailed report of host behavior called the Host Snapshot.”

Lancope Inc.

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