TippingPoint Touts Interoperability

Lancope, Mazu Networks, and PatchLink products bow interoperate with TippingPoint's IPS-based quarantine capability

AUSTIN, Texas -- TippingPoint, a division of 3Com and the leader in intrusion prevention systems, today announced third party security solutions can interoperate with the industry's only IPS-based quarantine capability for active security policy enforcement. Lancope, Mazu Networks, and PatchLink now work directly with TippingPointTM products to quarantine endpoints in violation of network policies as well as automate endpoint remediation.

TippingPoint's quarantine feature was launched in February 2006 as an innovative IPS capability that leverages network infrastructure to isolate and resolve any internal sources of malicious activity. By ensuring any device can be contained for remediation, businesses maintain a healthy network and block the internal spread of attacks, significantly reducing technical support calls and costs.

The TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) quarantine capability works with TippingPoint's Security Management System (SMS) and existing network switches or management systems to block malicious traffic, contain infected endpoints, and provide support for remediation of infected devices. Now, quarantine is interoperable with third party patch and vulnerability management solutions for automated remediation, and with network behavior analysis (NBA) tools to move from policy violation alerting to in-line policy enforcement. TippingPoint's quarantine feature offers a broad set of enforcement capabilities including displaying a remediation Web page, blocking a port, or redirecting the infected endpoint to a secure VLAN based on administrator policy.

"This is an important step in the evolution of enterprise security," said Neal Hartsell, vice president of marketing for TippingPoint. "Security is getting more complex to administer and manage. One way to alleviate complexity is to extend the power of our IPS's traffic classification and policy enforcement strength to patch management and network behavior analysis tools - enabling customers to maximise their existing security investments, automate endpoint security, and reduce the cost and complexity of overall security policy enforcement."

TippingPoint Technologies Inc.