Promisec Helps SMEs Combat Security Threats

SMEs need to address internal threats, leverage automation to ensure highest levels of security and threat mitigation

NEW YORK -- PromisecT Inc., a technology leader in clientless endpoint security management with the industry's first agentless monitoring and remediation solution that supports layered internal security management, today issued network security best practices for use by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs face a different set of security challenges than enterprises and must adapt security policies and practices accordingly to avoid costly intrusions and that can cripple or substantially harm the company.

According to Promisec, SMEs face unique security challenges by having to protect against many of the same threats as enterprise customers but without the IT staff, budget and experience utilized by larger IT departments. The limited IT security resources place a higher burden on SMEs to develop a comprehensive security policy that can be automated by leveraging available technology instead of relying on human monitoring to identify and correct security problems.

"SMEs have just as much at risk from security breaches but they are more susceptible to these lapses because of limited human resources and lack of experience in understanding the nature of new security threats. They also have substantially less financial and technical resources than enterprises have access to in building their corporate security infrastructures," said Amir Kotler, CEO of Promisec. "Promisec understands the challenges facing the SME and we offer our own expertise and experience to help them deploy a strong, proactive security strategy built around the simple but powerful agentless architecture of SpectatorT Professional endpoint security management technology."

Promisec Ltd.