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Novator Chooses NitroSecurity For PCI Compliance

Online retail services provider selects the integrated NitroView Database Monitor and NitroView Enterprise Security Manager solution to help meet PCI-DSS compliance requirements
Portsmouth, NH " January 28, 2009 " NitroSecurity, Inc., a leading provider of network and information security solutions, today announced that online retail services provider Novator Systems Ltd selected the integrated NitroView Database Monitor and NitroView Enterprise Security Manager solution to help meet PCI-DSS compliance requirements. Using NitroSecurity's integrated technology, Novator is now able to perform the industry's deepest level of database monitoring, auditing, and event analysis to protect sensitive data and manage risks.

Novator's solutions and services have been the foundation of some of the world's most demanding e-commerce businesses since 1993 and in many respects, pioneered the hosted, On-Demand e-commerce model with their first client,, nearly 15 years ago. Novator has five datacenters across the globe and over 70 database servers. The company needed to monitor, log and audit all access to their databases from applications and by authorized database users. In addition, Novator required a security solution that met stringent internal business requirements designed to protect end customer data.

NitroSecurity's database monitoring and SIEM integration allows Novator to monitor database activity and alert on anomalies, log all access to business-critical information and correlate data for in-depth forensic analysis of all events in real time. By combining these capabilities, Novator can achieve true visibility into database activity and easily audit access by user or application in order to thwart hackers and meet compliance standards.

"We required a deep level of monitoring, event detection and auditing that most standalone database monitoring and SIEM products could not provide," said Aaron Posner, Vice President of eRetail Services at Novator. "NitroSecurity's integrated products allow us to not only track activity but to analyze events so we can understand and audit our environments to properly mitigate risk."

Novator joins the hundreds of other NitroSecurity customers that are benefiting from the Company's integrated, unified security solution. Backed by a high-speed information processing architecture capable of receiving and analyzing data at extremely high speeds, NitroView DBM and NitroView ESM provide enterprises with the ability to manage risks resulting from database vulnerabilities by providing monitoring, session logging, correlation, notification and real-time analysis in one solution. "Customers in compliance-heavy markets like retail require a security strategy that goes beyond simple database monitoring. To truly mitigate risk and meet compliance standards, enterprises need to capture events and analyze data in real-time in order to comprehensively log and audit user access," said Ken Levine, chief executive officer, NitroSecurity. "We're pleased that Novator understands the benefits of an integrated database monitoring and SIEM approach and are experiencing improved security and ROI similar to many NitroSecurity customers." NitroSecurity will host a free webinar on January 28, 2009 at 2:00pm ET, which will discuss how to use SIEM, Database Activity Monitoring (DAM), and Log Management to meet all 12 requirements of PCI-DSS. To register, please visit:

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