Mistletoe Targets OEMs

Security system-on-a-cip, software, and reference designs for equipment manufacturers provide security throughout the network

LAS VEGAS -- Mistletoe Technologies, Inc., the developer of the industry’s first complete Security System-on-a-Chip featuring VPN, firewall, Denial of Service prevention applications in silicon, is using Interop Las Vegas to unveil the company’s extensive product line that targets network equipment OEMs. Mistletoe’s powerful solution will enable OEMs to provide unparalleled benefits for IT administrators in small, medium and large enterprises.

For OEMs planning to enter the rapidly growing enterprise security market, or vendors seeking to dramatically improve the security capabilities of existing products, Mistletoe’s embedded and turnkey solutions provide the fastest time-to-market and time-to-revenue. Product development projects can be reduced from 18 months to 90 days. At the same time vendors will be able to offer a scalable line of security appliances that cost up to 80% less than competing boxes, while delivering 10x performance improvements over comparable network security devices.

“The impact of our Security System-on-a-Chip, based on Mistletoe RDXTM technology, is a security appliance with 10 times the performance at a fraction of the cost,” said Som Sikdar, CEO of Mistletoe Technologies. Sikdar, former co-founder of terabit switch/router vendor Force10 Networks also noted, “Mistletoe-based solutions will provide IT managers with the products to secure their entire network infrastructure, greatly enhance how appliances are deployed and meet the growing need to deliver more throughput, securely and within budget.”

Mistletoe Technologies Inc.