Lancope's Network Port Profiling Patented

Lancope granted new US patent for network port profiling

ATLANTA -- Lancope®, Inc., the provider of the StealthWatch™ System, the most widely used network behavior analysis (NBA) and response system, today announced that U.S. Patent No. 7,290,283 has been issued for the company’s groundbreaking network port profiling invention, which delivers a more accurate and reliable method of detecting unauthorized network usage. Instead of relying upon signature databases of known attacks, which require ongoing maintenance to keep current, StealthWatch inspects all inbound and outbound activity and identifies new services not in compliance with host profiles. This innovative approach also enables StealthWatch to operate at much higher speeds than other detection systems.

This seminal patent covers StealthWatch’s pioneering port profiling system, which analyzes network communication traffic for unauthorized network activity. For example, StealthWatch can collect flow data from packet headers between two hosts or Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to verify that monitored flows are valid connections. StealthWatch then analyzes the collected flow data to determine the associated service provided and identify which network hosts act as a client and server for each valid connection. This revolutionary use of flow data provides unprecedented speed, accuracy and reliability for detecting and responding to network intrusions and abuse.

Earlier this year, Lancope was granted U.S. Patent No. 7,185,368 for its innovative flow-based detection of network intrusions. A recognized provider of innovative technologies, Lancope has several pending patent applications that further expand on the use of flow-based analysis for network security monitoring and optimizing of network operations.

“Lancope remains committed to rapidly identifying and quickly responding to potential threats by developing innovative capabilities within StealthWatch,” said Harland LaVigne, president and CEO of Lancope. “This newly granted patent demonstrates Lancope’s continued leadership of the NBA market and exemplifies its pioneering efforts to provide customers with the accuracy, reliability and speed they need to protect and optimize their networks.”

Lancope Inc.