KACE, GuardianEdge Integrate Platforms

KACE and GuardianEdge announce integration between KBOX family of appliances and GuardianEdge data protection platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and SAN FRANCISCO -- KACE(TM), the leading provider of systems management and deployment appliances for the Fortune 100,000 and GuardianEdge, the leading provider of endpoint data protection for the enterprise, today announced integration between the KBOX(TM) family of appliances and the GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform. With data breaches affecting more than 100 million consumers over the last two years, IT organizations are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs while providing high levels of IT security service within their companies. The combination of KACE and GuardianEdge technology is designed to converge IT systems and security management, allowing enterprises to easily and cost-effectively oversee the protection of endpoint devices within their organizations.

"The KACE partnership with GuardianEdge further highlights the importance of the protection of endpoint devices within enterprises of all sizes," said Rob Meinhardt, CEO and co-founder of KACE. "The data breach headlines gripping the U.S. press, combined with the increasing personal privacy protection legislation worldwide has educated the Fortune 100,000 on the need for endpoint data protection. However, until recently, the complexity of such solutions made it difficult to fully integrate them into the enterprise IT security architecture."

The award-winning KBOX family of appliances delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive IT management that is affordable. Through the partnership with GuardianEdge, KACE will offer customers the ability to simply and quickly deploy a comprehensive set of data protection controls to workstations and laptops throughout their environment. The resulting provisioning and configuration of the GuardianEdge Full Disk Encryption, GuardianEdge Device Control, and GuardianEdge Removable Storage Encryption applications are supported by the enterprise-grade management capabilities of the GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform. This enables organizations to assure that endpoint data is secured and the risk of data leakage mitigated.

"KACE shares our commitment to simplify the management of endpoint data protection solutions throughout the enterprise," said GuardianEdge President and CEO Alan Fudge. "With the wide range of portable electronic data storage options available, data often remains unprotected on an enterprise's network endpoints exponentially increasing the risk of data loss. Without a complete data protection solution that includes encryption, corporations remain susceptible to catastrophic brand equity and revenue losses through public data breach disclosure. The GuardianEdge, KACE partnership gives IT managers the control and visibility necessary to administer the enterprise level data protection required to keep the data of both employees and clients confidential."

GuardianEdge Technologies Inc.