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Cognio and EDX Wireless are teaming together to help solve a nagging problem with mesh deployments-interference

EUGENE, Ore. -- Cognio, the market leader in WiFi spectrum analysis solutions, and EDX Wireless, the market leader in municipal mesh network planning tools, are teaming together to help solve a nagging problem with mesh deployments—interference. EDX’s carrier-class SignalMX™ will integrate Cognio Spectrum Expert’s™ information about interfering devices and locations to make modeling outdoor networks more accurate.

The combined solution changes the way wide area WiFi networks are bid, designed and optimized. With the joint solution, network managers can geo-locate an interferer, classify the type of interference it emits and then import that information into their network design tool. From there, they can run multiple “what-if” scenarios to optimize the layout of the network around this interference, and determine any coverage gaps. This information is used throughout the life of the network, including deployment and optimization design processes.

“When designing a wireless network, having the appropriate toolsets for analyzing the RF environment is critical with respect to the cost for design services, as well as the overall design accuracy and efficiency of the network,” said Jonathan Bosanac, Senior Director of Technology for Wireless Facilities, Inc. (NASDAQ: WFII), a leading network integration and engineering firm. “Cognio and EDX’s integrated tools enhance our modeling capabilities, and increase the accuracy in RF prediction and propagation modeling, especially as it relates to the unlicensed wireless municipal market.”

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