Arxceo Awarded Patent

Arxceo has been awarded a crucial US patent

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Arxceo(TM) Corporation, a provider of anti-reconnaissance and anomaly-based attack-prevention technology, has been awarded a crucial U.S. patent covering its core technology and approach to improving network security with its Plug and Protect (PnPRO(TM)) and Tag-UR-IT(TM) design. Arxceo's core technology for network attack protection using a 'signature-less' anti-reconnaissance-based approach has been validated by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office by awarding the company's first patent (Patent Number 7,100,201). This patent provides proof of Arxceo's innovation and unique method for improving network security for its customers.

"This patent will protect our differentiated approach in anti-reconnaissance providing the best defense against data theft, zero-day attacks and address spoofing,” said Don Davidson, CEO of Arxceo. "No other approach is as granular or efficient as our method—which allows us to detect network attacks without the use of signatures. And, unlike our competition, we do not require a large 'signature creation' staff or expensive hardware that performs signature matching on all traffic.”

Arxceo Corp.