AEP Meets European Compliance

AEP Networks' proven encryption technology meets rigorous European public sector network security requirements

UTRECHT, Netherlands -- Public sector network security specialist, AEP Networks, is able to deliver security and encryption technology to meet rigorous European Public Sector network security requirements.

With UK National Security approved products and EU Council Infosec Selection and Procurement Scheme (CISPS)* compliance imminent, AEP's highly customisable range of network security equipment products (including the AEP Net and AEP Net Remote encryptors) delivers proven, low risk solution architectures into the highly complex network security environments required in today's Governments.

"The threat to National information has never been greater," said Stephen Lewis, VP Business Development from AEP Networks. "Reports from security authorities and in the press highlight threats from every direction - vulnerability exploitation by high technology criminals and terrorists add to the ever-present concern about the activities of intelligence agencies. All Public Sector organisations need to protect themselves, as never before, against identity theft, data integrity and system availability attacks as well as maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information."

AEP Networks Inc.

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